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Who’s that Penguin?

Hey guys!

I got this idea from Fylliper at

This is the page where I will post 5 clues about a penguin, and the top three people who guess it correctly will win an AWESOME prize!

Since I’ve been getting a lot of readers at once, I will take the all the winners that I have so far.

Round 1:

1. I am a VERY well know penguin.

2. I am NOT a member

3. I have a specific outfit that I wear almost all the time

4. There are many impersonators of me on Club Penguin

5. I have a very famous blog.

Who am I?

Winners for Round 1:

1. Rocksta X

2. Pinunpich

3. Sassie

4. Imperial47

The answer for Round 1 was Chewit Dude.


Round 2:


1. I am supposedly a hacker.

2. I have over 3 MILLION hits!

3. The last time I posted was November 10, 2006!

4. I managed an army.

5. I quit.

Who am I?


Tp Baseball




The answer for Round 2 was Sanitypenguin.

Round 3:

1. I am a beta tester.

2. Club Penguin changed my name

3. I am still famous.

4. My name has 5 letters in the word

5. I have a piczo.

Who am I?


1. Salsa Nacho

2. Fylliper

3. Bruce217

4. Oreo5

The answer was Little Wolf


Round 4:

1. I am a hacker.

2. Many people have impersonated me

3. I have numbers in my name

4. I’ve decided to hack again!

5. My penguin is banned forever

Who am I?


1. ζÔ§Η

~Danger Craver


59 Responses to “Who’s that Penguin?”

  1. brandon said


    Editors Comment: Nope!

  2. brandon said

    hEY Brandon

    U r so right

  3. aBBY said

    RockHopper duh

    Editors Comment: You already guessed Rockhopper Brandon. ;D Yep, I know it’s you! 😆

  4. pinunpich said


    Editors Comment: Fair guess but nope!

  5. binbin9090 said

    tik9?, bikeboy93?

    Editors Comment: Nope! Try again!

  6. hihibye said


    Editors Comment: 😆 !!!! Nope! 😆 ! That was funny =]

  7. fashionbug801 said

    Hihibye, NO CHEATING. I deleted your other comment that was on the “What’s that Room Name” page. If you cheat again, I’m afraid I will have to ban you from this contest. Also, please erase those pages on your blog that you copied from me!

    OMG! You’re aBBY and Brandon!!!!! You have cheated more than once! I’m sorry but you are banned from Round 1.

  8. kojoj said

    no Abby is my sister.

    Editors Comment: Explain Fashionbug and Hihibye. They both guessed. That means that somebody cheated. And where did you come from? Are you Hihibye? Or are you Fashionbug?

  9. hihibye said

    yes i have been abby,brandon,kojoj,hihibye,and fashionbug80. I am sorry for causing you trouble. Please forgive me. 😦

    Editors Comment: OK. We forgive you =] But you’re still banned from all contests until three people win.

  10. hihibye said

    Can i particapate in the other ones?

    Editors Comment: Sorry, nope. Not until 3 people win in ONE. Then you will be allowed.

    ALSO, can you please remove those pages that you copied from me?

  11. hihibye said

    sorry i just thught they were amazing!

  12. hihibye said

    oppssee i forgot my password for it

  13. hihibye said

    ok i know i am banned u don’t have put Cheaters: Brandon, Abby ,Hihibye. 😦

  14. Rocksta x said

    Yep! Awesome job! ?

    Editors Comment: Awesome job! You’ve been promoted to the next round! Wait, X42o? You didn’t have to change your name! Since you didn’t guess on this page before, I guess it’s not cheating! You still won!

  15. WAY TO EASY ITS Good job!

  16. pinunpich said

    i think You thought right!

  17. sassie said


  18. Imperial47 said

    Ooh! Ooh! Is it Yes, it is!

  19. pinunpich said

    Aha! gossipgurl25

    (and its not 125.Its 25.)

    Editors Comment: Nope! That WAS a fair guess :mrgreen:

  20. Rocksta x said

    Pink mafias!

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  21. Xfadeaway said

    The answer for round 2 is 1fiddy!

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  22. blaiserules said

    Hi im just checken out sites and i think its hola gurrl

    Editors Comment: Nice guess! Nope! It’s not Holagurrl!

  23. oreo 5 said


    Editors Comment: Uh-uh!

  24. Fylliper said


    Is it Sanity1? [or something like that lol]

    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: It’s might be something like that . . .

  25. bruce217 said

    Pink Mafias!

    Editors Comment: Try again!

  26. Pogen1 said


    Editors Comment: Good job!

  27. TP Baseball said


    Editors Comment: Nope!

  28. oreo 5 said

    round 2 is pink mafias

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  29. Fylliper said



    >>FYLL =]

  30. Pinunpich said


    Editors Comment: Nope!

  31. pinunpich said

    the awnser is Aguair, that should be it!!!

    (sorry I forgot how to spell awnser):?:’

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  32. bruce217 said


    Editors Comment: Nope!

  33. blaiserules said

    yo how come my name isnt up there???????

  34. straw000 said

    It’s Yep😀

    What do I get to win?

    Editors Comment: When the contest is over which is on Friday.

  35. straw000 said

    Hi, can I take this idea and put on my site if I credit Fylliper?

    Editors Comment: You can credit me too if you want, otherwise, you can just credit Fyll!

  36. hey1509 said

    hey nice site check out mine its

  37. umm…gizmo

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  38. Yep!

  39. bruce217 said

    Is it Yep!

  40. flappyflops said


    Editors Comment: Nope!

  41. flappyflops said


  42. ajblue200 said

    rsnail duh!

    Editor’s Comment: No! Duh! =P

  43. hey1509 said

    [you got it!]

    Editor’s Comment: Good job!

  44. pokemonxd said

    Is it Kellym

    Editor’s Comment: Nope! But thanks for visiting!

  45. X42o said

    Is it [yep!]

  46. oreo5 said

    little wolf?
    she has a pisco and cp chaged her name?
    but her name isnt five letters… :-l im confused 😦

    ~oreo 5~

    Editor’s Comment: Nope!

  47. oreo5 said

    [good job!]?? ;-D

  48. i guessed!

  49. ζÔ§Η said

    ? [good job!]

  50. Pogen1 said

    how can someone be a hacker is there banned?? JK! srry for using space 🙂

  51. Pogen1 said

    whoops im not talking right! 🙂

  52. pucca109 said

    Round 1: Fever
    Round 2: Sanitypenguin
    Round 3: helen 2k3
    Round 4: Billybob

    That is what I think. I may be wrong…

  53. False27 said

    i think its….. Rockhopper?

  54. vezon789 said

    ME!!! (VEZON789!)

  55. Diver2000 said

    Frost Bite

  56. saintypenguin?

  57. mist1glosik?

  58. Brry3321 said

    sanity 1 sanity 1 sanity 1 sanity 1 sanity 1 sanity 1 sanity 1 sanity 1

  59. Holland said

    i know is it Mircrochip123?

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