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Who are YOU?

Hey guys!

I wanna know more about my viewers.

So, here’s a page that’ll let me know!

Comment below with some information about yourself.

Here’s something I wanna knowPenguin name –

Penguin age (in days please) –

Membership status –

Favourite penguin clothing (only one please) –

Favourite CP place (only one please) –

Favourite party (only one please) –

Item that you most want to have (only one please) –

Comment away!

~Danger Craver


22 Responses to “Who are YOU?”

  1. Rocksta x said

    388 days old
    Black hoodie,red viking helmet,3d glasses,black sneakers,hockey stick,blue cape
    Christmas2005 party
    Beta hat

    Editors Comment: Awesome!

  2. Fylliper said


    [Sounds like my page lol]

    Penguin Name: Fylliper
    Penguin Age: 499 days old on December 30th
    Membership Status: Member till April
    Favourite Clothing: Blue Face Paint
    Fave place: Dock
    Fave Party: Sports Party 2006
    Item most want to have: Hmmmmm I don’t know, maybe the red and yellow striped tie. The green tie is

    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: Oh, sorry! I can give you credit if you want. I got the idea from you =]

  3. binbin9090 said

    308 days old
    blue duffle coat
    frozen, dock
    summer party 2006
    beta hat

  4. sassie said

    660 days old
    Red perpeller cap, pink hoodie, brown leather boots, bell, chrirtmas scarf,red sunglasses,blue sunglasses, and crown.
    Pizza Parlor
    Halloween party 06, and Fall fair
    Beta hat

  5. Xfadeaway said

    Penguin name: Xfadeaway
    Penguin age: 490
    Membership staus: No Membership
    Favorite Penguin Clothing: 2nd Anniversary (I don’t know what it’s spelled like) hat

    Editors Comment: Don’t worry. I fixed it 😉

  6. Xfadeaway said

    Favorite Cp Place: Cove
    Favorite Party: April Fools
    Most Wanted Item: Jacket that says CP on it.

  7. oreo 5 said

    -blue duffle coat, magic hat thing (from holoween 06),green and red skarf,super hero mask,red guitar,and clown boots.
    -dock and cove
    -summer party 06

    ~oreo 5~

  8. illando11 said

    -97 days (when I posted this!)
    -Ghost costume
    -Does fall Fair count?
    -Floppy hat

  9. Pinunpich said

    Penguin name:Pinunpich

    Penguin age:220 days old

    Membership status:I’m not a member

    Favourite penguin clothing:Feathered Tiara

    Favourite CP place:Dance Club

    Favourite party:Fall Fair

    Item that you most want to have:Formal Dress(even though I’m not a member)

  10. yankeeez said

    Days old:400
    Fave item:Pirate buckle boots
    Fave party:Christmas party ’06
    Most wanted item:Superhero mask and Beta testing hat

  11. lilbuddy5 said

    Name: Lilbuddy5
    Days old: 195
    Member: No
    Favorite item: Viking Hellmet
    Favorite place: Iceberg
    Favorite party: Fall Fair 2007
    Most wanted item: Black Elicturce Gutair (Even though i’m not a member!)

  12. David said

    days Old: 117
    Favorite Item:Hats/Scafes
    Favorite Place:
    Favorite Party:Fall Fair 2007

  13. Name- Salsa Nacho

    Age- 247

    Member- Yes. renewed every month

    Item- Trendy sunglasses

    Place- Dock

    Party- Fall Fair

    Color- Lime green

    Most wanted item- Hmmm… Beta hat

  14. blaiserules said

    Age:425 on january23 08
    Fav place:dock
    Most Wanted Item:Beta Hat
    Oldest Item:Green Cape

  15. flappyflops said

    flappy flops
    188 days old
    blue duffle coat
    the dock
    the 2005 beta tester party
    the beta hat

  16. eva said

    152 days old
    gold viking helmet
    the dock
    hmm….hard one…i liked the halloween party

  17. kibz said

    Penguin name:Kib Kibs
    Penguin age-513
    Membership status-member
    Favourite penguin clothing-guitar or the messanger bag
    Favourite CP place-forest or cove i cant decide
    Favourite party-the water party
    Item that you most want to have-beta hat

  18. egg1234 said

    1. Egg1234
    2. 603 days old
    3. Member
    4. Red polo shirt, black sneakers, silver watch, rockhopper backround.
    5. I like to hang at the ski lodge.
    6. The pirate party (August 06)
    7. Blue admiral jacket

  19. vezon789 said

    Name: Vezon789
    Age: 412 days old from April 20, 2008
    Status: Member
    Favourite item: Blue Propeller hat
    Fav CP place: Night Club
    Fav Party: April Fool’s 2007
    Most wanted item: Ok this is ultra hard……. I gotta think about it….RED TOQUE!!!

  20. Brry3321 said

    knowPenguin name – Brry3321
    Penguin age -263 days old
    Membership status -non member
    Favourite penguin clothing -ice cream apron
    Favourite CP place -cove
    Favourite party -Easter party
    Item that you most want to have -the marshmellow on a stick

  21. Ok Now im 268

  22. my beta penguin is 768

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