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What’s your favorite item?

Hey guys!I made this page a little fun thing.

Here’s how it works.

You guys tell me your favorite item!

Pick ONE Clothing item.

Here’s an example:

My favorite item is the Superhero Mask:


 Comment away!



27 Responses to “What’s your favorite item?”

  1. Rocksta x said

    Mine is the beta hat even though I don’t have it.

  2. Fylliper said


    Mine is the Blue Face Paint.

    >>FYLL =]

  3. my favorite item is the black beanie

  4. kippy72 said

    mine is the acoustic guitar

  5. binbin9090 said

    blue duffle coat

  6. mine is the Betta-tester hat and i have it

  7. oreo 5 said

    duffle coat!!!!!

  8. TP Baseball said

    elf shoes

  9. illando11 said

    Mine is the Floppy hat though I became a member the day before it went so I didn’t get it..instead I got dress shoes and star T-shirt…now I relize what Ive done lol 😀

  10. Pinunpich said

    mine is the formal dress and dress shoes

  11. oreo5 said

    cuze aka bluie1034 aka no1cpfan how do you have beta hat if you cant spell it!!! 😀

  12. coolguy2500 said

    Mine is the feather viking helmet

  13. flappyflops said

    beta hat

  14. Socky4 said

    My Favorite Item is The 1st Party Hat

  15. hey1509 said

    Mine is the gold necklace and the gold viking helmet!

  16. xboxros said

    beta hat

  17. buzzzjr said

    hey axerds its tp baseball here logged in as buzzzjr my best budd lol cyaz

    Editor’s Comment: Hey!

  18. bebsie said

    HMMMMMMMMMM. Black hoodie and red guitar

  19. False27 said

    the red electric guitar !!

  20. egg1234 said

    I like the red polo shirt. MY LUCKY SHIRT!

  21. vezon789 said


  22. Diver 2000 said

    i love the beta hat but its so old

  23. Dudull said

    Blue hockey jersey even i though i don’t have it on Dudull


  24. Dudull said

    Blue hockey jersey even though i don’t have it on Dudull

  25. skatagirl96 said

    Black hoodie


  27. Toikn said

    Black Sunglasses

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