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What’s that Room’s Name?

Hey guys!

This is one of the game pages!

Here’s how this works.

I will give 3 clues about a certain room in Club Penguin, and you guys have to guess it!

The top three scorers will advance to the next round!

All right!

Let’s give this a whirl!

Round 1:


1. I am outside

2. If you have a “need for speed” then you come here.

3. You can see the Iceberg from where I am!

What room am I?


1. X42o AKA Rocksta x

2. Flamen Black

3. Kippy72

The answer for Round 1 was the Mountain.


Round 2:


1. I have 6 places from where you can exit from me.

2. I have a secret passageway in me.

3. My latest attraction is “center stage”.

Which room am I?


1. Xfadeaway A.K.A. Xinmia0

2. Oreo5

3. Fylliper 

4. Alirocks22

5. Blaiserules

The answer was the Plaza


Round 3:


1. I am secret

2. I’m hidden on the map

3. Watch out! Rockhopper wasn’t so clever with me . . .

Who am I?


1. Salsa Nacho

2. Blaiserules

3. X42o

4. Fylliper

5. Bruce217

6. Oreo5

The answer was the Iceberg.


Round 4:

1. I am secret

2. Ninjas may be here!

3. HYAH!

What am I?


1. Pogen1

2. Salsa Nacho

3. Fylliper  ζÔ§Η =]

~Danger Craver


47 Responses to “What’s that Room’s Name?”

  1. hihibye said


    Editors Comment: Sorry! You can’t comment because you cheated. Danger Craver said cheaters can’t enter so sorry!

  2. hihibye said


  3. Rocksta x said

    -X42o a.k.a rocksta x

  4. so easy the Good job!

  5. kippy72 said


  6. binbin9090 said

    Yes, but you can’t compete because you’re not qualified.

  7. stage

    Editors Comment: No.

  8. um is ther snow falling on ur blog

    Editors Comment: 😆 . Yep!. It’s just a little holiday cheer!

  9. Rocksta x said

    Its the stage!

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  10. Xfadeaway said

    It’s the Mm-hmm!! I know it is! I just wanted to tell you that you should reveal the answer when the round is done.

  11. Xfadeaway said

    I don’t really want to answer it again, but I just wanted to tell you something very funny, when I just saw my comment, I thought I said mmhmm! so it said “It’s the Mm-hmm!” and before I even reallized that you said it, I was thinking “Wait! I didn’t write that word! That’s weird!!!” but then I reallized and went to tell you and stuff.

    Editors Comment: 😆 If the answer is right, I said things like “Yep!” and “Mm-hmm!” 😆

  12. Fylliper said


    W00T! Yep =]

    >>FYLL =]

  13. kojoj said

    What was round one’s answer?

    Editors Comment: The Mountain.

  14. oreo 5 said

    round 2 is Good job!

  15. Fylliper said


    You didn’t add me to the “Winners”

    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: Whoops! Sorry Fyll!

  16. Alirocks22 said

    hey round 2 is the Yup! i knew it all along

  17. blaiserules said

    thats sooooooooo easy! its the Yep!

    Editors Comment: Don’t worry, the Round 3 which will appear on Friday will be so hard that you’ll probably have to go on Club Penguin to find the room!

  18. blaiserules said

    lol thanx for making it harder! But hey its only round 2!

    Editors Comment: ;D!

  19. bruce217 said

    Is it the Beach?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  20. David said

    Um I think it is the cove

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  21. allymocco said

    i know its the mine

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  22. Xfadeaway said





    monster house room

    ugly staring contest

    Editors Comment: Number 3 was righ– . . . wait . . . nevermind, lol!

  23. Xfadeaway said

    The answer for round 2 is Yep!

  24. OMG!!! SO EASY!!! SO RIGHT!!

  25. blaiserules said

    yawn still easy Yeah!

  26. blaiserules said


    Editors Comment: Oh, it will be ;]

  27. X42o said

    Its the Yep!

  28. Fylliper said


  29. Pogen1 said

    Oh and “Pogen1” is blaiserules penguin name so if my name say Pogen1 then im blaiserules

  30. bruce217 said

    Is it the Yes!

  31. ajblue200 said

    the dojo

    Editor’s Comment: Uh-uh!

  32. hey1509 said

    Yup! for round 3!!

  33. skyler said

    the [yep!]????

  34. oreo5 said

    ~oreo 5~

  35. Pogen1 said

    um when do u update new games and stuff?

    Editor’s Comment: This Friday, February the 8th.

  36. Pogen1 said

    Yo how come ur not updating ANTHING???did u stop making ur site?? i hope not 😦

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry, we’re running a little behind since we got hacked. Sorry for the inconveniece.

  37. Pogen1 said

    da [yep!]

  38. OMG so easy! [kewl job!]

  39. ζÔ§Η said

    [awesome job!] Now pls eat some pie. [gladly =] ]

  40. kibz said

    is it the dojo?

  41. bobbysq said


  42. False27 said


  43. sweetsweety5 said

    The answer for round four is the dojo.

  44. Brry3321 said

    its pretty obvious…

  45. domrulz101 said

    for round 4 i’m guessing ninja hideout!

  46. rachel9911 said

    A Ninja?? I’m just guessing LOL!

  47. rachel9911 said

    i meant dojo
    sorry that was my brother and I’m serious 🙂

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