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What’s that pin?

Hey guys!

This idea was orginated from and was founded by Danger Craver. If anyone has copied this page, then report them to me, and I will report them to WordPress.

This is the page where I give 3 clues about a certain pin that’s been released before.

If you don’t know what a Pin is, then visit the “Pins” page.

Round 1:


1. I am VERY wanted.

2. You’ll probably get hungry if you look at me.

3. Some people think that I’m “cheesy” 😉

Good luck!










The answer was the Pizza Pin for Round 1.

Round 2:

1. I am always in a PARTY mood.

2. I go where the wind takes me.

3. You can watch me soar over the highest cloud.


Salsa Nacho





The answer for Round 2 was Balloon Pin


Round 3:

1. I protect lives

2. Quick! Grab me so you won’t drown!

3. Sailors carry me!

What am I?


Salsa Nacho


~Danger Craver


34 Responses to “What’s that pin?”

  1. oreo5 said


  2. oreo5 said

    can you help me get ppl to come to my blog…
    and can you help my game page
    ~oreo 5~:-)

  3. oreo5 said

    can you help me get ppl to come to my blog…
    and can you help my game page!
    ~oreo 5~ 🙂

  4. oreo5 said

    sorry for posting twice!
    ~oreo 5~ 🙂

  5. oreo5 said

    you didnt add me to winners list 😦

    Editors Comment: Oops! Sorry! =]

  6. Rocksta x said

    The apple pin?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  7. oreo5 said

    do i go in the hall of game fame lol?
    ~oreo 5~ 😀

    Editors Comment: Actually yes! When the contest is over, you will be added =D

  8. Broccoli said

    Yep! BTW come to

    Do you play Planet Cazmo? If so visit:

  9. Broccoli said

    My CP name is Pear24

  10. Broccoli said

    When i in and you put me in the Hall of Fame make my name Pear24 please cuz that’s my CP name. It only says Broccoli becuz I’m signed in as my Planet Cazmo account

  11. Alirocks22 said

    I think its the Yep!

  12. blaiserules said

    oh i know its the Yep!

    Editors Comment: Good job!

  13. straw000 said

    Yep!. Simple 🙂

  14. bruce217 said

    Its easy, the Yep! Pin.

    Editors Comment: Good job!

  15. David said

    oh the pin is the Yep!was found at plaza

  16. allymocco said

    Yep! But you already guessed David =]

  17. Fylliper said


    That’s too easy! The Yup! pin!

    >>FYLL =]

  18. kite

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  19. blaiserules said

    baseball pin?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  20. blaiserules said

    uh THIS IS HARD uh! sun??

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  21. Oh! Yes!!

    Editors Comment: Way to go!

  22. Fylliper said


  23. bruce217 said

    The Yup! Pin?

  24. flappyflops said

    the Yep! Awesome job!!!!!

  25. oreo5 said

    [good job!]

  26. plarem7000 said


    Go to !!!!!

  27. Pogen1 said

    the [yep! good job!]

  28. Ooh! [good job!]

  29. Pappy said

    the life saver!

  30. weamer said

    cool look please can u get some ppl on my site

    No one goes on 😦

  31. False27 said


  32. I am bad at stuff like this ummmm is it a toliet?

  33. toliet?

  34. Toikn said

    SAILOR BOAT!!!!!!

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