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What’s that item?

Hey guys!

This is the page where I post 3 clues about a certain item in CP.

The 1st one to guess it right will be put on the Hall of Game Fame!

Round 1:


1. I am used for a dangerous game!

2. My head is starting to hurt from all this hitting!

3. You better wear protective padding when you use me!

Who am I?



The answer was Hockey Stick for Round 1.

Round 2:

1. I am mostly used during the Summer.

2. I have a fiery passion for the Sun.

3. Rare people wear me proudly.

4. Gosh it’s hot! Good thing I protect your eyes from the Sun!

Who am I?



Salsa Nacho



The answer was the RED sunglasses.


Round 3:

1. I am very rare

2. I help Batman!

3. I wonder if anyone can see me?

Who am I?

~Danger Craver


51 Responses to “What’s that item?”

  1. Xfadeaway said

    A helmet?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  2. Rocksta x said

    Viking helmet?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  3. Xfadeaway said

    A jet pack? I mean a jet back?

    Editors Comment: LOL! Nope =]

  4. oreo 5 said

    mining helmet?

    Editors Comment: Nope! This one is a very hard one!

  5. Fylliper said


    Editors Comment: W00t! Way to go Fyll!

  6. bruce217 said

    A Surfboard?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  7. Xfadeaway said


    Editors Comment: Nope!

  8. bruce217 said

    A Football Helmet? Or a Football jersey?

  9. blaiserules said

    a football helmet??

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  10. blaiserules said

    oh i know its the hockey helmet!

    Editors Comment: Nope, but close!

  11. bruce217 said

    Oooh! Ice Skates?

    Editors Comment: Uh-uh!

  12. Xfadeaway said

    hard hat!

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  13. Xfadeaway said

    So it has a head…. Can you please email me the answer? I give up.

  14. sand6 said

    Oh! I am xfadeaway just in case you didn’t notice. is it the… uh… thing when you put on the hard hat, it moves you left and right, and some penguins use it to tip the iceberg?

    Editors Comment: I know you’re Xfadeaway =]. This contest is over, but it wasn’t the thing that you were talking about.

  15. Duck innertube?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  16. josie said

    More info please!

  17. blaiserules said

    yellow water wings??

    Editors Comment: Try again!

  18. blaiserules said

    or YELLOW duck innertube

    Editors Comment: And again, try again!

  19. blaiserules said

    the red yellow and pink hawien neclece thingy?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  20. Pogen1 said

    Plz make another hint NOBODY knows it

    Editors Comment: OK! Let’s see if you can get it now!

  21. bruce217 said

    Is it the green sunglasses?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  22. BLUE sunglasses!

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  23. Another hint! umm.. More deatails please!

  24. flappyflops said

    a sombraro

    Editors Comment: Try again!

  25. ajblue200 said

    Pick 1 please!

  26. Good job!!!

  27. Pogen1 said

    [please be more specific =] ]

  28. Pogen1 said

    HOW CAN I BE MORE PACIFIC??THE ANSWER FOR THE QUESTION IS THE (correct and I meant because you had 2 answers. You didn’t have to yell =3)

  29. Pogen1 said

    srry for yelling 😮

  30. Pogen1 said

    How come u didnt put me up on the winners place thingy?

    Editor’s Comment: Oh, sorry! 8]

  31. oreo5 said

    fiona hat or what ever its called
    The leather hat thingy summer 06 lol

    ~oreo 5~ 😀

    Editor’s Comment: I don’t know what you’re talking about but nope!

  32. Xfadeaway said

    Green Sunglasses! The answer for round 2.

    Editor’s Comment: Try again!

  33. X42o said

    [pick a color =)]

  34. X42o said

    [yep! Nice guess =D]

  35. oreo 5 said

    its brown right 😉

  36. Hey guys!

    Uhhh, no??

    ~Danger Craver

  37. plarem7000 said

    [it’s one of them!]

  38. oreo5 said


  39. Pogen1 said

    its either the [nope] or the [nope]

  40. Um…Im guessing [nope!]? (not the 1 from Gamma gal)

  41. matre10 said

    a cape!

  42. matre10 said


  43. billybob said

    ninja sute

  44. woper22 said

    a cape???

  45. ninja

  46. excellentegg said


  47. excellentegg said

    For round 3 it’s the black superhero mask.

  48. egg1234 said

    It’s the black superhero mask for round 3.

  49. domrulz101 said

    baseball cap?

  50. sombaro that mexican hat thingy

  51. Jerr Hann said

    black mask! isn’t it? 🙂

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