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What’s that Blog Name?

Hey guys!

This is the page where I write 3 clues about a certain famous blog.

Whoever gets it right will go to the Hall of Game Fame!

Round 1:


1. I am famous.

2. I haven’t posted since July 2006!

3. My first letter starts with a ‘D’.

Who am I?


Nobody yet!

Round 1 is over. The answer was Doostam.


Round 2:

1. I am very famous.

2. I live in Australia.

3. I have over 100,000 hits.

Who am I?


Fylliper =]

Salsa Nacho

The answer was Fylliper


Round 3:

1. I had an old website

2. I finally got over 20,000 hits =D!

3. My FAVORITE colors are Red And Green

Who’s blog am I?

~Danger Craver


23 Responses to “What’s that Blog Name?”

  1. Xfadeaway said

    Is the answer Dangercraver for round 1?

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  2. Fylliper said


    2006? Wow, I have no idea!

    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: =]

  3. oreo 5 said

    dandeman for round 1

    Editors Comment: Nope!

  4. oreo5 said

    i have no idea! 🙂 😉 😦

  5. oreo5 said

    dengo guy or whoever he is!
    ~oreo 5~ 😀

  6. oreo5 said

    nvm its not him!!!!
    ~oreo 5~ 😀

  7. OMG!!! SO EASY!! Yep!!

  8. Fylliper said

    Is it Why, yes it is! Lol.

  9. Fylliper said

    rofl I got it right lol. You haven’t added me or Salsa Nacho to the Winners List =|

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry about that! I’ll get right on it ;] Also, good luck with your vid, AND Salsa didn’t win yet ;]

  10. ? I did win!! Look at my comment!!!

    Editor’s Comment: Shoot! Sorry about that!

  11. * *

    Editor’s Comment: Once again, I apologize! =[

  12. It’s ok. (psst… That thing in the last comment was supposed to be a smiley face!

    Editor’s Comment: Oh, OK! I’m still sorry =]

  13. ζÔ§Η said

    Is it [nope! try again Fyll ;D Josh =] ]

  14. bebsie said

    Is it mmmm hmmmm

  15. bebsie said


  16. bebsie said

    oh… sorry

  17. bebsie said

    Am I writing in code?

    Editor's Comment: Nope!

  18. bebsie said

    he he oops

  19. bebsie said

    Editor’s Comment: Thanks for the link =P

  20. bebsie said

    he he… lal la la

  21. bebsie said

    lal la la

  22. marinekallo said

  23. Toikn said LET ME ME ME WINNNNN

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