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Wanna meet?

Hey guys!

This is the page where penguins can schedule meetings with each other!

I thank Fylliper for giving me the idea!

If you wanna meet me, I’ll see what I can do!

Meet away!

~Danger Craver


16 Responses to “Wanna meet?”

  1. sassie said

    I want to meet you. Well i always want to meet the people of wordpresses that i seem to favor. i started coming to your wordpress about 1 month ago and decided i just had to comment out meeting you. well if i could meet you. just plan a day. And try to make it happen. well bye

    Editors Comment: Sure! Why don’t you tell me what date and time you’re free!

  2. Xfadeaway said

    I am busy, so I can’t meet you– sorry!

  3. oreo 5 said

    i want to meet you some time too!
    just tell me the time and ill make plans! 🙂

    Editors Comment: How about now? Well, I gotta go in like 10 minutes so maybe now, if you can, or maybe later =]

  4. illando11 said

    Yeah I wanna meet you too just I’m English and the timezones are different!!! If you still wanna meet me, then maybe go on Deep Freeze some time.

  5. Pinunpich said

    Yeah I wanna meet you too just I’m English and the timezones are different!!!Hey you could meet me now but it’ll be night for me!
    Or if you go on Cold Front all the time you’ll meet me sometime

  6. Salsa Nacho said

    I would like to meet you!

    I’ll be on frozen.

    I am also your budie

  7. oreo5 said

    i want to meet you!!!
    next friday at my cp party!

  8. 2 questions

    1: Do you play webkinz DC’s Comment: No

    2: I wanna see u on cp today so please make a time DC’s Comment: I’ll see what I can do!

  9. Ok!

  10. i will meet u one day at antarctic friday 3:00

  11. ill come a 3:00pm antactic friday

  12. chloe said

    i will be on britan breeze my name is kikiloulou78 and i am a meber my igloo will be on the map see u there ps if u see me shout kiki ok? see u there!

    ps love u all

  13. JASON W said

    plz meet me today 24th march 2008 on snowy river my name will be fergus 2000 and can it be 11:40

  14. Mx2007 said

    Hi I wanna meet you at 4:45 on Sabretooth,US at the Dock on Monday the 14th,April.
    My name is Mx2007

  15. False27 said

    meet me when im not sick…ill come back and post later my name is False27 i usually go on Mammoth i am a girl and ill probably not be sick in maybey 1 or 2 days but ill come back and post… k bye cya round.

  16. Tavianbuddy said

    Hey meet me tomorrow on arctic or ice cream if full at 5:30 lol

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