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Suggestions? Comments?

Hey guys!

Do you like this blog?

Do you think it could use some improvement?

Got any ideas for us?

Well, this is the page where you can tell me!

Don’t be shy!

~Danger Craver


10 Responses to “Suggestions? Comments?”

  1. kojoj said

    you should make a page where there are people who r rude to this site and call the page “the Wall of Shame”

    Editors Comment: Thanks for your suggestion!

  2. hihibye said

    you should do the oppisite of the wall of shame. The wall of good.

  3. hihibye said

    i do this because i think this is the best sight ever!

  4. hihibye said

    you should give us the name of the song and put down the lyrics but leave some out and let us finish

  5. hihibye said

    you should bring back the 10,000 coins but you can only order ever week

  6. Stefz Nez said

    you should make a yearbook. like embarrassing snapshots you got and put it in the yearbook. everyone could use a good laugh. and we can remember the parties to! Take snapshots of parties.

  7. Xfadeaway said

    How about you make an page where you draw something and people try to guess what it is?

    Editors Comment: Hmm! I’ll ask Danger Craver!

  8. oreo 5 said

    you should make a page where you tell people how to beat the missions

    Editors Comment: Good idea!

  9. Where’s your meebo box on your sidebar? If it’s not there on your computer, then you better add one, because it says “Meebo is above the box that’s this one” I kind of forgot what it said. But you don’t have to get a meebo box, because you’re the controler of the blog.

    Editors Comment: I got rid of Meebo. I may add it later.

  10. Brry3321 said

    you should make a “rate my blog” page so you can tell how people think of your blog!

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