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Secret Agents

Hey guys!

This page will give you guys some information on Secret Agents!

 Secret Agent status is available to all players, whether members or not, who have played for at least 30 days and have not been banned. These agents are encouraged to inform players of upcoming events and guide new members around the game. They are also asked to help keep Club Penguin safe and report anyone who is being disruptive or using offensive language; however, agents are not official moderators. The Secret Agent Headquarters is a place where only Secret Agents can enter. They can either use their Spy Phones to enter the HQ, or enter through the secret passageway in the Sport Shop.

Well, I think that’s it!


~Danger Craver


3 Responses to “Secret Agents”

  1. oreo 5 said

    the passage way is actually in the sport shop not the gift shop! 😉

    Editors Comment: Oh whoops! Thanks! I’ll fix it!

  2. bubbu jp said



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