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Hall of Game Fame!

Hey guys!

This is the Hall of Fame for the Game pages!

If you wanna be on this page, then try to win on one of the game pages!

All right, here are the legends!

What’s that item?

1. Binbin90902.

2. Fylliper

3. Kippy72 4. SassieWhat’s that Blog Name?

1. X42o

2. Fylliper

Who’s that Penguin?

1. Rocksta X

2. Pinunpich

3. Sassie

4. Imperial47

5. Tp Baseball

6. Fylliper

7. Blaiserules

8. Straw000

What’s that Room Name?

1. X42o AKA Rocksta x

2. Flamen Black

3. Kippy72

4. Alirocks22

5. Xfadeaway

6. Oreo5

7. Fylliper

8. Blaiserules

What’s that pin:

1. Oreo5

2. Alirocks22

3. Pear24

4. Blaiserules

5. Straw000

6. Bruce217

7. FylliperCongrats everyone!

~Danger Craver


3 Responses to “Hall of Game Fame!”

  1. Why am I not on it? WAH! (kidding) 😦

    Editors Comment: You will be on Friday; that’s the day that DC and I will end Round 2 and everyone who won will be added. =] Don’t worry.

  2. oreo5 said

    😦 im not on for the guess the pin 😦

    Editors Comment: You will be once I close the game on Sunday (it was supposed to close on Friday, but I didn’t have time on Friday so I changed it to Sunday.)

  3. hey1509 said

    awesome site plz check out mine its

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