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Hall of Friends

Hey guys!This is the page where I display who my friends are!

– Fylliper

– Car23 Trey10

– Little Wolf



– We Be Burnin


– Flowery Guy

– Dandeman13

– Xfadeaway

– Yahyah2795

– Lilhipchick1995

– KellyM

– Neopet

– 8stoplight8

– Dale Jr.

– Salsa Nacho

-X42o/Rocksta X


-Lil Girl713 a.k.a. Southeast713



-See Im Bad


-Cammy Kid



-Mike2/ Mike 93 (on cp)


Well that’s it!

Who are some of your friends?

~Danger Craver


15 Responses to “Hall of Friends”

  1. Fylliper said



    >>FYLL =]

  2. Xfadeaway said

    Hi! My other name is sand6 so can you please add sand6 to the hall of fame?

    If you did, Thanks! 🙂

  3. illando11 said

    Ha cool people

    Mine’s Illando (me)
    Ok Illando is me but who cares
    cause idc

  4. im your buddie!

  5. binbin9090 said

    hey i should be up there dude

    Editors Comment: All you have to do is let me know you a little better!

  6. binbin9090 said

    uh dude u do know me im binbin

    Editors Comment: I know, but I haven’t seen you in a while! Neither has DC.

  7. oreo5 said

    what about me lol??? jk

  8. Im ur buddie! I SHOULD BE THERE!!

    Editor’s Comment: I’m tired of people doing this, I have to remake this page.

  9. Whoops.. sorry dude

    Editor’s Comment: Lol, no problem. I was gonna do it anyways ^-^. I will add a ‘Hall of Fame’ later which will contain famous penguins names.

  10. oreo5 said

    I am your buddy too should i be there?

    Editor’s Comment: Whoops! I knew I was forgetting someone ;D!

  11. oreo5 said

    im not logged in whoops

  12. X42o said

    Sup? Hows life 🙂
    Mine is good

    Editor’s Comment: I’m good ^_^!

  13. Hey DC I’m back!

    Editor’s Comment: Welcome back!

  14. Illando said

    I don’t remember posting that comment about Illando because my comment name is Illando not illando11 hmm…I can’t remember posting it 😐

  15. egg1234 said

    Hey i’m friends with screenhog.

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