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Favorite Songs

Hey guys!

I wanna know more about my viewers!

Tell me some of your favorite songs!

Hey, I may know some of them!

Here’s some of my favorite songs:

– Stronger

– Soulja Boy & Soulja Girl

– Linkin Park: Numb

– Metallica: Seek & Destroy

Tell me some of yours!

~Danger Craver


15 Responses to “Favorite Songs”

  1. fashionbug801 said

    S.O.S. by the Jonas Brothers and Don’t Matter by Akon

  2. X42o said

    Sandstorm by darude

  3. Xfadeaway said

    My favorite song is “White night, True light” The song is in a movie, the link for the song is here.

    Editors Comment: Awesome!

  4. oreo 5 said

    good life by kanye west

    Editors Comment: Cool!

  5. TP Baseball said

    kiss kiss by Chris Brown and T-Pain

  6. illando11 said

    Life’s what you make it by Hannah Montana
    Shoes by Kelly
    Let me borrow that top by Kelly
    Humuhumunukunukuapua’a by Sharpay, Ryan and Sharpettes (from HSM 2)

  7. Pinunpich said

    LOL :mrgreen: My favorite songs are Purple People Eater(yup,people are not purple) and Stronger!

  8. blaiserules said

    mine is stronger by kayn west

  9. blaiserules said

    its funny cause i like almost every song u do!

  10. gump898 said

    fob:thnx for the memories
    hawthorn heights:ohio is for lovers

  11. Pogen1 said

    thanx for the memorys,suger were goin down swingin,low,soulja boy crank dat! :’

  12. Soulja Boy, We got the party with us, Cruella de vil and so on :mrgreen:

  13. limeyman said

    i thought this page was gonna have ur stupid songs but i was wrong!u acctually put good songs on here

  14. my favorite song is Hot Rod Lincoln, by commander Cody and the lost planet…

  15. Toikn said

    Eminem,Like Toy Soilders Video:
    The All Amercian Rejects:Gives You Hell Videos: Sorry

    Taylor Swift,Love Story

    Hannah Monutana:The Climb

    The Fray, You Found Me

    Poker Face, < Plain White
    Ts: Hey There Deliah,1,2,3,4 Videos : Hey There Deliah 1,2,3,4

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