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Hey guys!

If you have any ideas that Club Penguni should have, post them here!

It could be anything like . . . You can eat in the resteraunts, a Mall . . . ANYTHING!

I love to hear your ideas!

Idea away!

~Danger Craver


15 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Hey guys!

    I wish that there’d be a Mall instead of a Gift Shop!

    It’d just make more sense and there’d be more than ONE store!

    Maybe there would be an American Eagle! 😆

    ~Danger Craver

  2. I dreamed about that I was a member in club penguin.

    Editors Comment: LOL! I once dreamed that Axerds got banned in front of me by 1fiddy. *shudders* I woke up screaming (not really, lol).

  3. Xfadeaway said

    Oh, In club penguin, I met this really nice friend and she’s a member in club penguin, her name is “Peppiebuddy” and I saw her on club penguin a while ago. When I was hiding behind the speaker in her igloo while she was a little busy, I just changed my look into a wizard, and then I got in front of my buddy, and said “BOO!” and she said “u scared me” and then on the second time, I did all the same thing except she said a different thing- She said “aaaaaaaahhhhh” and it was so funny!!! and then she copied me and I said “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She was so nice that I wished I could see her again! Ok I wrote enough.

    ~Xfadeaway (a.k.a. Sand6)


    Flying is always the right thing to do.

    Editors Comment: That’s nice =]

  4. Xfadeaway said

    I wish that there was a candy shop where you could buy any candy! Like for example, M&Ms! YUM! MY STOMACH IS GROWLING! Gotta go get some candy! Bye! *Runs to trash can and eats candy wrappers*

  5. Pogen1 said

    Maybe like an alien or somtin that comes to cp every month
    or like clothes that u can bye ur puffles?

  6. bebsie said

    I wish you could bye food for your penguin and had a prison and when you have the propella cap you can fly higher

    Editor’s Comment: Cool idea =]

  7. bebsie said


    soooooooooooooooooooo ha

    Editor’s Comment: LOL nice try

  8. bebsie said


    Editor’s Comment: Lol, nice try ;] No one can impersonate me =]

  9. bebsie said

    Editor`s comment:I love pretending

    Editor’s Comment: Stop impersonating, lolz.

  10. egg1234 said


  11. ta4422 said

    A microwave

  12. Brry3321 said

    i want club penguin to lower down the price of memberships!

  13. jfmlove6 said

    i wish that cp would bring back more penguin cloths because i want some cloths bad sometimes and there not there and when they do come back there out of stile.

    ps i had a nightmare that i saw 3 to 5 eyed puffles!!!!!it was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry scary and i screamd in my dream and jumped in real life.

    pss this is all true.

  14. sonic04 said

    i wish we could be others puffles!! and hav clothes 4 puffles and feed penguinz!! PS: i hav seen a site with a penguin aa a puffle!! + go to:

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