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Hey guys!

Need some advice?

Got any questions?

Then you can ask me!

I will try my best to answer your questions!


Ask away!

~Danger Craver


20 Responses to “Ask Danger Craver”

  1. Xfadeaway said

    Hey Dangercraver, Remember that person named Dandeman? Do you know what his blog URL is again? I forgot.

    Editors Comment: Yeah! It’s He quit though =[

  2. Xfadeaway said

    Oh, well there was a person at Snow’s blog named “Dandeman1300” or maybe “Dandeman13000” and I saw that his blog was kinda simalar to the other Dandeman’s blog, Dandeman1300’s (or maybe Dandeman13000)blog is and I thought it was Dandeman13’s blog, I thought it was Dandeman13’s blog because my mind got all mixed up, so I kind of thought “Is that the other Dandeman’s blog? It changed A LOT since I forgot about his blog for a long time.” Then that’s how the confusion got in my mind. If you think this is a story it is NOT a story.

    ~Xfadeaway (aka Xinmia0)

  3. sand6 said

    Do you want to be an admin on my site?

    Editors Comment: Sure!

  4. Pinunpich said

    Can I be a admin on your site?

    Editors Comment: We’ll think about it!

  5. oreo5 said

    will you be an admin on my site?

    Editors Comment: Sure! My email is!

  6. oreo5 said

    can you put my blog on your blogroll?

  7. Are moderators also beta testers? I’ve been wondering for months but I forgot to ask you.

    Editors Comment: Well, Moderators that made Club Penguin aren’t because they MADE Club Penguin. Moderators that joined afterwards . . . depends if they beta tested or not.

  8. Xfadeaway said

    Who’s your editor?

    Editors Comment: A close, personal friend of mine ;]

  9. blaiserules said

    Sence ur fav item is the superhero mask do u have it?

    Editors Comment: I can’t say because DC said that I shouldn’t reveal anything about our account, but I will tell you that our mask collection is growing ;D

  10. blaiserules said

    and whats ur oldest item?

    Editors Comment: It’s classified.

  11. blaiserules said

    idk what classified means so what is ur oldest item?

    Editors Comment: Classified means that I nor Danger Craver can tell you.

  12. oreo5 said

    i have two questions..
    1. what ever happened to dream panguins?
    2. can i be an admin on ur site?

    Editor’s Comment: What actually happened is DC kept deleting the page because too many people yelled and spammed on it, and the files our friend made got deleted because our computer crashed and we had to reboot it.

    Umm we’ll think about it! ~Editor~

  13. oreo5 said

    can you add a link to my site here? 😀
    ~oreo 5~

  14. Pappy said

    do you like waffles?

    Editor’s Comment: Uh. . . . sure . . . lolz ^_^!

  15. kibz said

    how do you make a blog?

  16. egg1234 said

    Hey man, I mean no harm on ur site, i’m on ur side and all. I even gave you all beta testers names. Your site is my favourite site in the whole world.i’ts my homepage. May i PLZ become an admin.??????

  17. egg1234 said

    Do you an an alias? My alias on cp is Head band. He is a test penguin =].

  18. egg1234 said

    Do you have an aliases? I have one. His name is Head band.

    (p.s. i posted this again because i messed up on the first one.)

  19. ta4422 said

    How do you download penguin maker

  20. sntaclse said

    how do you do the dream penguin thing, do you need to include a password?

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