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About Danger Craver

Hey guys!

This is a blog that I made.

I like to play basketball, run track, and go on Club Penguin.

My favorite color is blue.

My penguin name is Axerds.


I made this blog because it seemed fun.

I am in Junior High School.

Also, if you wanna see my sidebar, go to the very bottom of this blog (go to the home page first otherwise, the sidebar won’t show up. My homepage is .)

I am a boy, and I live in Texas.

If you wanna meet me, go to the page named Wanna meet?.

If you wanna contact me, you can email me at

Have fun at this blog!

~Danger Craver


15 Responses to “About Danger Craver”

  1. Xfadeaway said

    Wow Dangercraver, your blog is RUNNING HOT! I love it so much! actully, you forgot your gender, I know your gender, but you didn’t put your gender there, I want other people to see your gender, oh, and you need your age! I don’t really know what your age is, but you don’t need to put your age there if you don’t want to, cause putting you age there is showing personal information, but if you want, you can put your age there! putting your age there makes it much better.

    Editors Comment: Yeah. I made that page in a hurry, so I forgot to put a lot of stuff in there. I’m updating it now.

  2. Xfadeaway said

    Wait, Sorry for spamming but I wanted to invite you to a bubble gum song. Here’s the lyrics.
    My mom
    She gave me a dollar
    She told me to buy a collar
    But i didn’t buy no collar
    Instead I bought some Bubble Gum
    Bazooka, zooka Bubble Gum (X2)

    My mom
    She gave me a quarter
    She told me to tip the porter
    But i didn’t tip no porter
    I bought some Bubble Gum
    Bazooka, zooka Bubble Gum (X2)

    My mom
    She gave a dime
    She told me to buy a lime
    But I didn’t buy no lime
    Instead I bought some Bubble Gum
    Bazooka, zooka Bubble Gum (X2)

    My mom
    She gave me a nickel
    She told me to buy a pickle
    But i didn’t buy no pickle
    I bought some Bubble Gum
    Bazooka, zooka Bubble Gum (X2)

    My mom
    She gave me a penny
    She told me to buy some Bubble Gum
    So I bought myself some gum!

    The end

    Oh and here’s the video link: I don’t know if it’s the right song cause I didn’t turn the volume up cause I was too nervous and shy to turn the volume up.

  3. Xfadeaway said

    Hey Danger! when my blog was hacked, it still was on Google! Just go to and then type in and then I’m on the first line!

    Editors Comment: Awesome! It’s because your hits didn’t change when you got hacked :mrgreen: I know that because the same thing happened with Dan’s site. Also, the snow falling is what WordPress is doing until Jan 2nd, 2008. To activate the snow, do this:

    1. Go to

    2. Go to “Options”

    3. Click on “Presentation”

    4. Go to “Extras”

    5. Enable Snow :mrgreen:

  4. Xfadeaway said

    Ohhh… Too bad I don’t have a blog anymore right now.. ;_; I’m going to forget about this. Ok! Let’s pretend that my blog was never ever hacked before, ok? Dangercraver, I think that you’re so nice! Look how much nice things you’ve done for me!

    1. You fixed my spelling when I didn’t know how to spell it!
    2. You got my blog back! (WAH!! MY BLOG!!! (lol just jk))
    3. You told me how to do the snow thingy!
    4. Your blog is awesome! (That doesn’t really have to do anything with niceness but I just put it there for being nice to me all the time)
    5. You’re really nice to me. (of course)
    6. You update a lot on your blog
    7. you’re lucky!! (ok the list of niceness ends here cause you’re lucky and 7 is a lucky number too bad my seven key on my keyboard is broken well not that broken cause I can still press it)

    Thanks for being SUPER NICE to me! your reward: a smiley! 😀

    Editors Comment: Who ever said that DANGER CRAVER was editing the comments?

  5. Xfadeaway said

    Um.. Nobody said that you were editing the comments… Whoa.. Take it easy, dude. oh, and another niceness thing is for replying to my comment very fast, your niceness percent is 98% out of 100% and I think that you need to update a little bit more,

    Your reward again: A link to a nice video! here it is!

    Editors Comment: No, no. I meant that Danger Craver didn’t edit your comment. I reply to comments after DC moderates them =]

  6. Xfadeaway said

    Oh… come on! a admin!!? (Just joking of course I wouldn’t say that on purpose) well.. Let’s talk about something else.. I know! when you type and then type in DANGERCRAVER’S BLOG IS UNDER MY BLOG!!! OMG DC’S FAMOUS!! (Well i didn’t mean you’re famous I mean’t about your blog)

  7. sand6 said

    And by the way i’m Xfadeaway

  8. Xfadeaway said


  9. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I already added you as my admin! Are you happy? Please get to work on my blog now! my blog is hey i just made a shortcut for you!

  10. Bored? I’ll give you a little math. the way of how to do it is to edit my comment with your answer. ready… set.. GO!!!!!

    5+8= 13

    854+532,232= 533086

    That’s all the math for now!

  11. oreo5 said

    i remember your age from your old blog, when it said on the side 🙂

  12. sand6 said

    Hey Washington D.C! (lol not really your name) I added you to my blogroll! Visit Pengills site! (and Dangercraver’s site. I LOVE YOUR SITE DUDE!!!)

    Editors Comment: :mrgreen: Thanks!

  13. Xfadeaway said

    Oh and I know my IP Address is really different because I go on different computers. My old IP Address is now deleted. (I mean my dell always-used computer IP address)

  14. Xfadeaway said

    Did you delete the comment that said “Dangercraver, Wanna an admin on my site? DC: Sure!” Did you delete it? If you did, tell me a reason why you deleted it.

    Editors Comment: I didn’t. It’s on the page ‘Ask Danger Craver’.

  15. Pogen1 said

    Hey dangercraver! U know that cheat where u can get like the beta items and stuff on that special cp site? well i dont know how to get my player on it! Plz teach me how!!!!

    Editor’s Comment: I, nor Danger Craver had made that post. Somehow, a hacker bypassed WordPress’s system and got into our blogs. Do NOT go to that website under any circumstances because CP may ban your accounts for trying to get into a private Moderator server.

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