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NEw Stuff

Posted by ~Danger Craver on February 29, 2008

Hey guys!

Sorry, I’m ina hurry!

NEw stuff are going on in CP!

I don’t have time to update so here’s Watex’s post:

The Aqua Grabber pin is in the Pool.


The Beach has even more salvaged items now. When I emailed CP, they said the more penguins play Aqua Grabber, the quicker the items will arrive on the Beach.


There is one new Sports playercard background.


The Sports Catalog secrets are almost the same.

Sports Shop Catalog Secrets:

Click the Tennis Racket for the Orange Football Helmet.


Click the following things in the labeled order for the Silver Snowboard (wear it while playing Catchin’ Waves).


The Fishing Lure is here! (Buy it in the Catalog) Wear it on your penguin when playing Ice Fishing and you can now catch Gray fish! The gray fish are very fast, but 2x as much as regular fish (which are 4 coins).



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