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Admin Needed!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on February 19, 2008

Hey guys!

So, I decided we need an Admin.

The Editor isn’t really on anymore so I really need some help here.

Here’s the things I need to know:

-Penguin Name

-Penguin Age

-Blog Name (You must have a blog to be an Admin)

-Can you take pics?

-Can you make animations?

-How often are you on?

-Is there anything else I should know?

Just leave a comment!

Thanks guys!



5 Responses to “Admin Needed!”

  1. 1. Xfadeaway
    2. Why does it matter?!
    3. The Most-hits Blog Ever!!!
    4. No
    5. No
    6. About 6:00 but never on the weekends
    7. No

    Editor’s Comment: We’ll get back to you ;]

  2. Hey DC!
    Ok Here Goes!

    name: Salsa Nacho

    age:278 days old

    Blog name:

    I can take pics (on my other computer)

    I can’t make animations =[ BUT I can make vids (once again, on the other computer)

    I am like a CP Wizard! I am on ALL the time! Well not all the time… but most of the time!

    You should know that I love to make vids and take pics! You should also know that I love ur site! AND you should also know that I like pie!=D

    Editor’s Comment: Nice!

  3. Oh yeah, I can help with the games! Speaking of games Plz update them!!

    Editor’s Comment: Friday 22 February New Page; Game Pages Updated; Admin Decision.

  4. Okey dokey!

  5. straw000 said

    406 days old : D
    Yes as in flash but not gif because I am using a Mac : )
    Often when there are updates! : D

    Yeah can you comment at my site? If it is good pls add me to the blogroll! thx a lot : )

    Editor’s Comment: No Prob! Great Comment! =D

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