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Sorry for not updating =]

Posted by ~Danger Craver on February 17, 2008

Hey guys!

Sorry for not updating this blog.

I was too busy investigating this hacker.

Anyways, I haven’t quit (yet)

Enjoy the CP Party!



2 Responses to “Sorry for not updating =]”

  1. Hey Dc…
    One day a while ago,I saw this link called ‘can u find axerds’ or somthing like that. The rules were u had to find him and the first 2 got 30,00 coins. I was the first. I have been wating months. Plz give me my coins

    Editor’s Comment: I’m really sorry, CP is watching this blog and if they see me getting someone’s password, then they’ll report me to WordPress. Sorry =[, believe me, I’d love too.

  2. Salsa Nacho said

    oh, Thats ok!!Don’t want you to get banned again!

    Editor’s Comment: Thank you so much for understanding =]

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