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I think this is end of Danger Craver =[

Posted by ~Danger Craver on February 15, 2008

Hey guys.

I’m so confused.

I thought that I would keep this blog for a long time, but I’m not sure anymore.

I’m getting into Rune Scape, and I know I can do both things, but this blog’s getting harder to manage.

I think I’m quitting.

There’s just a 20% change I’ll change my mind.

Thanks to everyone who helped me:



7 Z Dude


little wolf


Salsa Nacho

Vower Power






If I forget anyone, I apologize.

I can’t think straight right now =[

~Danger Craver


One Response to “I think this is end of Danger Craver =[”

  1. No Dc! Fyll and Aguair quit! DONT!1

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