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Hey! Long time no see!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on January 27, 2008


In case some of you don’t know, I’m the Editor for Danger Craver’s site!

I’ve wanted to remain anonymous solely for the reason that I can’t be hacked or anything!

Don’t worry, we share DC’s account so I don’t have another blog ;]

Anyways, I just felt like posting!

I haven’t been on here in FOREVER!

It’s just that I’ve been working on our Newspaper and Web Show for this site!

Sorry that’s it’s been delayed!

I will try to finish it on February the 10th!

It wil be on a page labled ‘The Craver Times’!

We MAY change the name because I made it up and it seems a little . . . cheesy, lol.

See ya guys later!

(I don’t have a sign off anymore ;] )


One Response to “Hey! Long time no see!”

  1. snowdobby said

    Hey!! Kool website! Be sure to keep visiting mines.
    -Snow Dobby

    Editor’s Comment: Always! I remember before I made this blog, I commented on your page “Bann” lol! I still visit it =]

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