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I’m way in over my head =[

Posted by ~Danger Craver on January 21, 2008

Hey guys.

I’ve just realized something:


How could I ever think that I could make a great blog?

I mean, I have absolutely NO creationism, and I just . . . don’t have any imagination.

This blog is SO boring!

I just visited my blog and I realized that . . . it stinks.

I’m just a dumb little 12- year old who can’t make a decent blog =[

I guess that Danger Craver is now Nothing Craver ='[

~Danger Craver


2 Responses to “I’m way in over my head =[”

  1. OMG!!!

    Danger, you arn’t boring! You have a very good website! It’s so good, that i’m gonna make a cool website page!!! You will be the third (it’s me, my bff coleykinz THEN you.) If you want somthing cool, go to my website, go to the home page, and click that penguin!!

    Salsa Nacho/alvinmunk

    Editors Comment: =]

  2. Xfadeaway said

    Aww… But DC, Your site is awesome! I mean, 😆 look at all those fun pages you have!

    HINT: Maybe you should make your own header so then your site looks better!

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