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Get your Fiesta on!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on January 18, 2008

Hey guys!

The Fiesta Party in CP has begun!

There is a free item in the Night Club; the Maracus:


To do the Special Maracus Dance, just wear ONLY them and you will be dancing!

New Festive Sombrero Hat Pin:

The new pin is in the Forest.

Move your mouse over the Pinata a few times and the Pin should fall where Axerds is:


And there’s a new furniture catalog:


Explore the party and have fun!

~Danger Craver


7 Responses to “Get your Fiesta on!”

  1. oreo5 said

    Hey axerds its oreo i wanted to know if i can use your pictures for my blog i will put under them
    My pictures are messed up so please respond soon!
    ~oreo~ 😀

    Editors Comment: Of course!! Sorry to hear about your pictures!

  2. Xfadeaway said

    OH MY GOSH Dangercraver, there’s an alert! I saw 1fiddy’s blog say:

    “Everyone who is listening, I am throwing a party at my igloo to celebrate my opening to wordpress. My penguin name is Axerds.

    Server: Mittens

    Flag: British

    Place: My igloo on the map

    Time: Depends, if no one comes, than 0 hrs and 0 mins”

    Xfadeaway: Isn’t axerds your penguin?I was so shocked to hear that! I was like this 80 so then I came to tell you immediately.

    Editors Comment: When I first visited 1fiddy’s blog, I also had seen that he had used my penguin name. I confronted him about this and he had said that he will hack my penguin. I await to see him hack my penguin yet. ;D

  3. Xfadeaway said

    oh and i was really like this 😯

  4. Xfadeaway said

    oh and the spelling for your post is maracas not maracus

  5. Xfadeaway said

    Sand Land

    Why: We made this ad because we want more people to come to this blog.

    When: The blog never closes!

    What: An ad for Sand6’s blog!

    How: We just make the blog, and then ta da! A nice, clean blog!

    Just come on in and join in the fun!

  6. oreo5 said

    never mind it works now!!!
    ~oreo~ 😀

  7. coolguy2500 said

    Can you add me to your blogroll!

    Editors Comment: Sure! What’s the link?

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