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I wanna start all over!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on December 27, 2007

Hey guys!

I KNOW that this blog isn’t what everyone would like the most so . . .

Oh, don’t worry!

I won’t delete this blog! (Half of the readers say “Aww!”)

I know that this blog is REALLY boring so I’m going to actually try to do a BIG change.


This is only gonna work if everybody can do 1 little thing.

Everybody please keep checking this blog for the next few days.

There will be some MAJOR changes starting with the pages; they stink!

I just realized that if Paintboy100 can get over 10 MILLION hits, why can’t I?

If people like Fylliper never tryed, they wouldn’t be so famous now would they?

I’ve got to try and make this blog as great as I can make it.

When I made this blog, I planned to make it the best Club Penguin helping blog that I could make it!

Now, I will actually try to do it!

All this time I was like “Whatever. Nobody ever comes to this blog anyways, what’s the point? I only get like 20 views a day now.”

But now, I am gonna fill this blog with some cheer!

Get ready people because this blog is officially uder construction!

~Danger Craver!


3 Responses to “I wanna start all over!”

  1. Rocksta x said

    Can you add me to your blogroll please?

  2. Dudeikoff said

    Hey DC, I think your blog will really improve once you start over. I’m still wondering what to do with my blog. Click my name to see it.

    But anyway, I’ll keep coming back here and I hope you’ll visit mine! Cya around!

    Editors Comment: Thanks Dudeikoff! I HAVE been visiting your site but I haven’t been commenting! I apologize for that! I will visit more often!

  3. Fylliper said


    Yay you mentuined my name there! :mrgreen:

    >>FYLL =]

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