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New Stuff!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on December 16, 2007

Hey guys!

I am SO sorry for not posting for the past few days.

I was working on our new WEB SHOW AND NEWSPAPER!!!!!

I will try to make both!

The newspaper will come out every Friday and I’m still working on the web show!

Anyways, more about that later!

There’s a LOT of new stuff on Club Penguin

Oh, guess what?


I tried to save a pic and it just worked!

I don’t know what was wrong with them the last time [hmmmm]

So . . . I can post my own pictures =D!!!

Here’s the lastest things on CP!

Coins for Change is FINALLY here!


There’s a new free item at the Plaza; a Bell!


You get a Thank-You card once you donate for the first time:


Hidden Furniture:

Click on the Cash Register for a Moose Head!


Click on the stem on the Ficus Plant for a Mullet (Poor Mullet!)


Click anywhere on the Piano for a Pipe Organ


Click on the Home Stereo to get the Stage Lights


Cick anywhere inside the Fire Pit for the Candelabra


Igloo Catalog Secrets:

Click on the CrowBar at the top of Page Five to buy yourself a SeCrEt StOnE iGlOo!


Click the door on the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo =D:



There is a new stage setting at The Stage:


New Cards:

The are some new post cards! Some are from last year but with better graphic!


Well I think that’s all!

Enjoy all the new stuff and keep donating!

I’ve already donated 12,000 coins to all three causes! (I gave each cause 4,000 coins).


Did you guys see the commercial on Disney Channel?

They advertised Club Penguin’s Coins for Change on TV!

I don’t think it’s really advertising since Disney owns CP too.

So I guess CP is still ad-free!

Ahhh, I remember when I joined Club Penguin last November.

We could type in Numbers, Apostrophies, Periods . . .

I miss it all =[

Oh well . . .

Have fun guys! =D

~Danger Craver


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