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Posted by ~Danger Craver on December 9, 2007

Hey guys!

Don’t you wish you could fly?

I wish I could!

I mean, wouldn’t it feel awesome to soar over your city/province and feel the wind slap your face?

I think it would be the greatest feeling in the world!

Too bad humans can’t fly =[

But, who knows?

They might invent jetpacks for kids!

They did for penguins! L-O-L.

We’ll see!

Also, the Dream Penguins page had a glitch on it; I didn’t receive any comments that were made on it!

So, I delete it.

I will re-make it later

~Danger Craver


One Response to “Flying!”

  1. Dudeikoff said

    Yeah, flying would be fun, but it would be really scary at first though!

    Editors Comment: Yeah! It’s weird . . . I’m scared of heights, but I wanna fly! XD!

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