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It’s a YELLOW Wonderland!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on December 2, 2007

Hey guys!

The Yellow Puffles were released yesterday!

I’m so sorry I couldn’t post yesterday.

The Editor and I had to go somewhere for Band.

Anyways, here’s Fylliper’s post at!


Yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow-yellow!  It’s yellow!  People love it!  It’s artistic!  But it’s not a banana…its the new Yellow Puffle!

Sorry to the non-members, but it is for members only…=[I feel sorry for non-members


It’s 8000 coins.  Lol joking 800 coins and it’s in the Pet Shop [Red Catalog].


*what does spontaneous mean???*

I named mine “Blob” because that’s how I like to paint – with big ugly blobs!  I was going to name him edible but…


So let’s look at it’s special features!

Blob’s food:-


Blob’s cookies:-


Blob’s Gum:-


Blob’s Bath:-


Blob’s Painting [Normal Play]:-


Blob’s Movie [Super Play]:-


Blob’s Song [Walk + Dance]:-


There’s also some new yellow furniture inthe pet catalog.

Christmas changes are happening anytime in the next 24 hours!

And yesterday we got 1 more view than yesterday… =[

>>FYLL =]

Blob’s owner =]

Thanks Fylliper ;D!



2 Responses to “It’s a YELLOW Wonderland!”

  1. Dude3rteen said

    You’re Invited!

    Hope You Can Come!


  2. Spontanious means when you have fun and you use your imaganation.

    Editors Comment: Comment on Fylliper’s site and say that lol! ^_^

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