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Well . . . Congrats!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on November 27, 2007

Hey guys!

We  got the 50 comments on “You guys are in for a treat!” !

So . . .  let’s review what you guys won!

This is what I said:

“If I get 10 comments, I will add a Game page.

If I get 15 comments, I will give every penguin who trusts me, 100,000 coins.

If I get 20 or more comments, I will give EVERYONE who comments a special thanks, 100,000 coins, make a schedule to meet me, be a special guest at my parties, AND if they have a blog, I will make an ad about it!

Update!! 11/20/07:

Since we got 20 comments, Fylliper, C0median, Salsa Nacho, AND Artic Pirate get the prizes! For people who’s passwords I DON’T know, please leave them on this post (if you trust me ;) ) Plus, we can meet sometime!! Leave a schedule we can all agree on! I will make an ad for Fylliper and C0medians. Artic Pirate and Salsa Nacho, if you have a blog/site I do not know about, please post it on this post.


Okay, if we get 50 comments or more, the people who commented will get:

ALL of the above, A DREAM PENGUIN that has some AWESOME clothes! AND the people who commented will get . . . . a thank-you party when all the people who commented will meet and have some fun!”


So . . . let’s see who commented!


Artic Pirate


Salsa Nacho





AND! Me, but I don’t count =P

All right!

You guys win:

A few game pages for everyone to enjoy!

100,000 coins if you want and are willing to tell me your password.

An ad, party, thanks, and make a schedule to meet each other!

A Dream Penguin, AND a thank you party at muh igloo!

Just comment so we can make the schedule winners!

I will make the Game pages right now!



4 Responses to “Well . . . Congrats!”

  1. Xfadeaway said

    Axerds, snow’s blog is copy and paste her blog into your Website Address Bar! (or whatever it’s called) her blog is a long URL.

    Editors Comment: Thanks! L-O-L!

  2. bruce217 said

    HEY! So look for me when your online cause I’m willing to tell my password.

  3. coolguy2500 said

    Hey im new and only got 921 hits in 3 and a half weeks ! i need tips and support to get my blog goin (X42o is also helping my blog) can anyone give me tips????????/

    Editors Comment: I can! I had the same problem you do! I hated that I was working so hard and no one was seeing it! Try advertising on famous sites like Paintboy100’s or Fylliper’s! Good luck!

  4. Fylliper said


    *lol I’m late aren’t I*

    HMMMMMMMM do you hack for the coins?

    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: Lol! NO, I do NOT hack for the coins. I use a program my friend made. I don’t hack!

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