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Western Party!!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on November 23, 2007

Hey guys!

The party turned out to be WESTERN!

That’s what I voted for =]

Anyways, my pic problem is almost fixed, I can save images, but they won’t Upload at ALL! =[

Here’s Watex’s post!

Anyhow, the Needle in the Hay Stack pin is in the Cove.


They brought back the old Western Bandana. Its in the Plaza.


The Stage Coach background is located in the Forest (filled with Cactuses):


The Western Sunset background is located in the Dock:


Thanks Watex at www.watex.wordpress.com1

The Editor and I would like to give a BIG thanks to Watex: THANKS!

Okay, we almost have 50 comments for the Treat post below.

I will allow it to happen until Monday on November the 25th

After Monday, if we have 50 comments, I will give out the prizes and make the page!

 All right!

Let’s see some prizes!



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