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You guys are in for a treat!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on November 19, 2007

Hey guys!

So  . . .  I’ve been thinking . . .

I would like to thank everyone who’s been coming to my site . . .

So, I’ve decided to give everyone who comments on this post an extravegent gift!

If I get 10 comments, I will add a Game page.

If I get 15 comments, I will give every penguin who trusts me, 100,000 coins.

If I get 20 or more comments, I will give EVERYONE who comments a special thanks, 100,000 coins, make a schedule to meet me, be a special guest at my parties, AND if they have a blog, I will make an ad about it!

Update!! 11/20/07:

Since we got 20 comments, Fylliper, C0median, Salsa Nacho, AND Artic Pirate get the prizes! For people who’s passwords I DON’T know, please leave them on this post (if you trust me 😉 ) Plus, we can meet sometime!! Leave a schedule we can all agree on! I will make an ad for Fylliper and C0medians. Artic Pirate and Salsa Nacho, if you have a blog/site I do not know about, please post it on this post.


Okay, if we get 50 comments or more, the people who commented will get:

ALL of the above, A DREAM PENGUIN that has some AWESOME clothes! AND the people who commented will get . . . . a thank-you party when all the people who commented will meet and have some fun!

All right!

Let’s see some prizes!


51 Responses to “You guys are in for a treat!”

  1. binbin9090 said


    Editors Comment: Hi! I see you want the Treat ;D

  2. Artic Pirate said

    hey dcraver

    Editors Comment: Hey!

  3. Fylliper said



    >>FYLL =]

  4. Fylliper said


    Yay butterflies rule!!! They can fly! Wheeee!

    >>FYLL =]

  5. Fylliper said


    You’re 12 years old? Me too! Yay! Go chocolate! Whoo!

    >>FYLL =]

  6. Fylliper said


    Can you walk upside down? I can’t, but I’m practicing by walking on the floor and turning the video camera upside down 😉

    >>FYLL =]

  7. Fylliper said


    Have you ever heard of chocolate and fish tea? Because at school we have to design a tea bag box in isometric design (google search it) and my brand is called FLAVOUR-T and the flavour is chocofish (chocolate and fish lol)

    >>FYLL =]

  8. Fylliper said



    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: Heyu Fyll! What’s Up?

  9. Fylliper said


    Two more comments till you get ten lol. YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I haven’t been here for ages lol.

    >>FYLL =]

  10. Fylliper said


    Last comment! Hooray now you have ten comments lol! *music plays*

    >>FYLL =]

  11. Salsa Nacho said


  12. Salsa Nacho said

    Toast Toast

  13. Salsa Nacho said

    Buttered Toast

  14. Salsa Nacho said

    YAY TOAST!!!!!

  15. Salsa Nacho said

    YAY!!! 100,000 COINS 4 EVERY1!!! GO ME!

  16. Salsa Nacho said


  17. Salsa Nacho said

    Snowmen are funny

  18. Salsa Nacho said


  19. Salsa Nacho said

    YO MY PEEPS (Well Dangercraver’s peeps)

  20. Salsa Nacho said

    20!20! I got 20

    Editors Comment: Awesome!! I’ll update my post and if we get about 50 or more, well . . . you’ll see in my post ;D!

  21. bruce217 said

    Sup Homies Danger Is Nice!

  22. bruce217 said

    21 21! Wait…22 22

    Go ME!:D

  23. bruce217 said

    Gotta Go Danger!
    Cya Next time When i get 50 comments!


    Editors Comment: ‘Kay! Hope when ya come back, we’ll have more than 50 comments here! Thanks for your help =D


  24. bruce217 said

    Im Back Baby with comment 24!

    So whats up?

    (go Butterflies)

  25. bruce217 said

    IDC if I spam i want prizes!

    Im Just kidding Or am i:O

  26. bruce217 said

    I think this is spamming btw

  27. Fylliper said


    Yay! About the 100,000 coins, I don’t want to get banned for getting too much coins at one time. So is it okay if I lower that amount to about 20,000?

    >>FYLL =]

    Editors Comment: Huh? I think you ordered 10,000 coins. You CAN order 100,000 coins, but I suggest you wouldn’t. Since I got you 10,000 coins, I would lower my total coins to about 3,000 if I were you.

  28. Salsa Nacho said

    hi everyone

  29. Salsa Nacho said

    i like potatos

  30. Salsa Nacho said


  31. Salsa Nacho said


  32. Salsa Nacho said


  33. Salsa Nacho said

    cool!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  34. Salsa Nacho said

    hi DC!

  35. Salsa Nacho said

    do u like pie cuz’ i like pietatoes (a mixture of pie and potatoes)

  36. Salsa Nacho said


  37. bruce217 said

    27 Danger where are you!
    I keep posting cause i want prizes.:D

  38. Dudeikoff said

    Hi Slaso Nacho! Dangercraver, I prefer the old theme.

    Editors Comment: DC and I will discuss it soon =]

  39. Salsa Nacho said


  40. bruce217 said

    Hi YO!

  41. oreo 5 said

    hey what happened to the dream penguins?

  42. Salsa Nacho said


  43. X42o said

    Hola! Sup! Hows life? 🙂

    Editors Comment: Hey! It’s goin’ great! Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  44. X42o said

    Thanks you too! 😉

    Editors Comment: Thanks!

  45. Salsa Nacho said

    5 more comments!

    Editors Comment: We’re almost there! How were your holidays?

  46. Salsa Nacho said


  47. bruce217 said


  48. bruce217 said

    Cant wait till we get 50 comments.:)
    3 lefts

  49. Hey!

    Guys, I can’t wait ’till 50 comments, so I’ll finish it!

    You guys can still comment!


  50. Hey!

    November 23rd: Happy B-Day Miley!


  51. Fylliper said


    Now I have 3000 coins lol.

    >>FYLL =]

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