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New Catalog!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on November 2, 2007

Hey guys!

The new catalog is out!

My computer still won’t load the pics for some reason!


Well… here’s Paintboy100’s pics at

Here’s the stuff:

1. Red guitar

2. Swim Goggles

3. Red Viking helmet

4. Blue Viking Helmet. Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times

Sports catalog:

1.  Orange Football Helmet


3 Responses to “New Catalog!”

  1. Dudeikoff said

    Sorry about the pics problem.

    ~Dudeikoff 😦

    Editors Comment: I hope Dangercraver and I can fix it soon! The problem seems to be that WordPress won’t Upload the pics. I tried to save it as .jpg and everything, but it still doesn’t work. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon!

  2. Dudeikoff said

    I save all of my pix as PNG, they come out best quality. My pic uploader is fine, have you tried PNG?

    Always ready to help!
    ~Dudeikoff 🙂

  3. watex said

    u could’ve used my pics if u gave credit too!

    here’s the secret of getting lots of viewers really: start early

    paintboy was like the 1st to start

    can i be on ur blogroll


    Editors Comment: Thanks Watex! I will use your pictures from now on =] I’ve added you ;D

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