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Posted by ~Danger Craver on October 30, 2007

Hey guys!

It seems I’ve been losing hits during the past two weeks.

Is there anything you guys want me to add to my site?

I might bring back Dream Penguins if you guys want.. but if I don’t get 1,000 hits for it during the week, it may go bye-bye.

Should I post more often?

Comment and tell me any ideas!

DC aka N91


5 Responses to “Losing?”

  1. Xfadeaway said

    maybe you should open a Question and answer tab, so people can ask you something anytime!

    Editors Comment: Thanks! I’ll take it under consideration!

  2. Dudeikoff said

    Well for me it’s nothing like that. The reason I’ve not been visiting is because I forgot about you(no offence). It’s just I don’t see your ads anywhere so I completely forget!

    Advertise more.
    Always ready to help!

    ~Dudeikoff 😀

  3. Dudeikoff said

    **Ready to help

  4. Xfadeaway said

    you mean constuction?

    Editors Comment: No, consideration means that I will think about your idea.

  5. Xfadeaway said

    oh, anyway dangercraver, please meet me on cp,

    When: November 15 Year: 4000
    Where: Club Penguin Secret Museum
    Why: Cause i wanna be buddies with Axerds, your old penguin!

    HA! YOU THINK I WOULD REALLY INVITE YOU THERE! NO WAY! cause, first of all, the year 4000 is a really long time, and second of all, there is no club penguin secret museum!

    Editors Comment: I knew it was a joke. There is no Secret Museum. =]

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