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I guess.. this is good-bye =[

Posted by ~Danger Craver on October 22, 2007

Hey guys!

I’ve made my decision.

Axerds is my new penguin.

I’ll miss Nice 91.

I’ve cancelled his membership and transferred it to Axerds.

Well, in celebration, there’s a party! Click to make the pic bigger!



Plus, I still wanna be called Nice when you guys see me on CP!

~Dangercraver ~Nice 91 ~Axerds


5 Responses to “I guess.. this is good-bye =[”

  1. keithyy said

    heyya it’s me and i will try to go to your party, but i might be late like around 3ish, that is if i have school today, i had no school today, or yesterday.

    Editors Comment: That’s OK! If all goes well, the party may last to around that time! Maybe longer!

  2. keithyy said

    whoops i ment that i had no school today, and wont have any tomarrow

  3. petypalito said

    keep nice 91 because who knows if axerds is gonna get banned again

    Editors Comment: True. But I’m making sure not to let my password be guessed so easily 😈 lol 😆

  4. Dudeikoff said

    I have to make it to this party! I always miss the good parties! 😆

    ~Dudeikoff 🙂

    Since you are Axerds now, do I remove Nice 91 from my buddy list?

    Editors Comment: Yep!

  5. Dudeikoff said

    On second thought, I know why I always miss them! It’s because I’m in England and all the parties are set around when I’m going to bed. 2:00PST is 10:00PM for me. I can make it though because it’s the weekend!

    ~Dudeikoff 🙂

    26th is Friday not Thursday.

    Editors Comment: Oh, oops! I’ll fix it!

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