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Axerds ='(

Posted by ~Danger Craver on October 20, 2007

Hey guys!

Axerds is unbanned.

Now I’m at a startling decision.

Should I go back to him?

He used to be my old penguin.

He got unbanned.

I dunno.

Nice 91 or Axerds?


DC aka N91


8 Responses to “Axerds ='(”

  1. monkeycheese said


  2. Xfadeaway said

    Go! go bck to him! Xerds puffles re probly gone.

    Sorry bout the spelling, one of my keys re broken on the keybord it’s the letter _bc

  3. Xfadeaway said

    the first letter in the _bc

  4. Xfadeaway said

    sorry for the spm

  5. petypalito said

    well, nice 91`s membership has got to expire sometime, so what I think is that you should use nice 91 until his member expires and after that use axerds. because you know, i can already tell that axerds is a penguin with some sweet clothes. =)

    or you could just use both!

  6. Partyhat2 said

    USe both for now, when Nice 91’s Membership runs out use Axerds

  7. Dudeikoff said


    ~Dudeikoff 🙂

  8. mazemaker said

    Hey cool site!

    Editors Comment: Hey! Thanks! =P I saw you on CP. Love your site too!!

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