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No More

Posted by ~Danger Craver on October 12, 2007

Hey guys!

I’ve deleted the 10,000 coins page for 4 reasons:

1. Way back in the past people swore at me and gave me BANNED accounts and blamed it on ME.

2. Cppd Officer helped me realize that I shouldn’t be doing this. 

3. I don’t wanna get banned for doing that.

4. I just got tired of it.

Sorry Everyone and thanks Alex!

DC aka N91


3 Responses to “No More”

  1. Alex said

    Always proud to stamp common
    sense into people! No problem.

    ~~Hugs and kisses,
    Alex aka Cppd Officer

    Editors Comment: Thank-you =]

  2. coreyd said

    ok but can u please get me 50,000 coins i am really sorrry for u because of all those rude people and im happy i wansnt one of them but can u please bring the page back in the future

  3. Alex said

    He’s not bring back the page,
    he’s not getting you coins.
    Shut up.

    ~~Hugs and kisses,
    Alex aka Cppd Officer

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