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A Look into the Future? -.-‘

Posted by ~Danger Craver on September 25, 2007

Hey guys!

Wanna have a look into the Future?


Let’s see the future Fall Fair items!

Lemme get my Crystal Ball….





Let’s see…

Here are the future fall fair items!


N O T A N E D I T !

BTW, there MAY be a Lollipop too.

DC aka N91


6 Responses to “A Look into the Future? -.-‘”

  1. deathdragon4 said

    how do you know this?

    Editors Comment: Billybob released the changes to the internet. I luckily found it and took a picture.

  2. darkever64 said

    hey dude y did u remove me of ur buddy list?

    Editors Comment: Sorry, I had a buddy lists bug that removed like 10 people off my lists ='(

  3. darkever64 said


  4. darkever64 said

    well if u c me on Funky Jones add me

  5. Dudeikoff said

    Hiya! That’s really cool, Don’t forget the lollypop!

  6. watex said

    lol very nice

    i like the blue font

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