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Dream Penguins is back!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on September 24, 2007

Hey guys!

Dream Penguins is back!

Order away!

DC aka N91


4 Responses to “Dream Penguins is back!”

  1. James1579 said

    Who is (Dream penguin?) please respond.

    Editors Comment: It’s a picture of a penguin. I have a special software my friend gave me. Tell me clothes and I’ll post the pic on the “Dream Penguins” page.

  2. punkrockerz said

    wat is that

  3. watex said

    keep up the good work!

    btw can u add me to your blogroll?

    go to dashboard, click presentation, then widgets, pull up the links widget

    then go back to ur dashboard, click blogroll, then click add link



    Editors Comment: There you go! Thanks for coming!

  4. Miss_pink_101 said

    whats that?

    Editors Comment: It’s gone now…

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