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Tracking Rockhopper Guide

Posted by ~Danger Craver on September 20, 2007


This guide will give you some tips that will hopefully help you find Rockhopper!

Try to form search parties with friends and relatives.

Go to all the full areas and servers and look for a BUNCH of penguins trying to go to a place and shouting “ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!”.

Also, you can go to really full servers and look in the popular places like

The Town, the Coffee Shop, the Dock, The Migrator, The Ice Berg, The Beach, The Cove.

Try those places!

Another way is to just look for him by going server to server, but that could take hours and I don’t reccommend it.

I KNOW Rockhopper is controlled by Club Penguin, so he might be on at different times.

A way to absolutely know if he’s on is to go to the login screen. Enter Rockhopper for Username and enter any password.

If it says he’s banned, then he’s not on.

If it says ‘Incorrect Password’, then he’s on.

This is obvious, but if Rockhopper’s ship isn’t at the Beach, then he’s not on.

Rockhopper’s a little bigger than any other penguin, so it’s easier to spot him in a crowd.

Plus, he’s always wearing a Pirate Hat and he’s always Red.

Good Luck finding Rockhopper!

I’ll make posts about Rockhopper’s History, and my History with him and many more!


5 Responses to “Tracking Rockhopper Guide”

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  2. Xfadeaway said

    Hey DC! I was in a server that had not so many penguins, but I stayed in the server a long time, then I went to the beach, then I saw Rockhopper, then I came to join in the fun, and then he disappeared without me noticing, then I guessed that he was at the dock, and guess what? He was there! Then we had some fun, he stayed there a little while, then he moved to the beach, and then I followed, then we played again, then a while later, he said something like: “Bye Mateys! I’m gonna go!” then there was penguins who said stuff like: “NOOOOOOOOOO” and stuff. Then he left and then all the fun ended, but during the fun, I said stuff like: “Rockhopper! Your journal’s lost!” And i was worried about his old little cute journal. Is it lost on the ship? I think my comment is way too long so bye!

    Editors Comment: Cool! It’s not sooooo long ;D

  3. Goron10 said

    i almost saw RH 10 times in 2 days make a RH Tracker on ur site

  4. Billybob said

    More betas
    i gor rockhoppers password
    He changes it every week
    So im gonna tell u his password today
    if its rong’
    i will change the password back

    If its rong
    i will change it back to the same password Good Luck Playing on Rockhopper
    Oh and remember it only works when his ship is here so good luck and discover his pass so good luck and good bye and keep on doing that pass so dont tell anyone that im Billybob
    So Buh Bye Hahahahaaha
    And Username:Billybob

  5. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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