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New Catalog!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on September 7, 2007

Hey guys!

New catalog is out!

The Swim Goggles are in the Lifeguard Shirt:


The Red Guitar is in the Formal Gown:


And the Viking Helmet is in the Scuba Tank:


To get the Blue Viking Helmet just ope and close the red one 4 times and it’ll appear.

DC aka N91


23 Responses to “New Catalog!”

  1. robert said

    cool that i founded out this morning!

  2. add to my sites users!

  3. Got it!

  4. opals2 said

    got what?

    Editors Comment: I added him as a User for

  5. opals2 said

    OH now i got it! lol

    Editors Comment: Lol

  6. opals2 said

    so editor who are you chat on my site so i can see

    Editors Comment: Sorry, my identity if a secret =)

  7. opals2 said

    ok no worries

  8. opals2 said



    Editors Comment: Opals, are you approving your own comments? Dangercraver doesn’t like that; let him moderate them himself.

  9. opals2 said

    no i emailed askimet spam and they unblocked my comments

  10. opals2 said

    well i sort of complained but oh well i still can comment freely

  11. opals2 said


    Editors Comment: Hello.

  12. opals2 said

    do you live in Australia like me?

    Editors Comment: No.

  13. opals2 said

    editor do you live in Australia like me?

  14. opals2 said

    hello ❓

  15. opals2 said


  16. opals2 said


  17. opals2 said


    Editors Comment: Hi.

  18. opals2 said

    whats your website?

    Editors Comment: I don’t have one; I just help Dangercraver with his.

  19. opals2 said

    by the way i deleted a comment with the f-word in it, was that ok?

    Editors Comment: Yes, thank-you.

  20. opals2 said

    are you gonna reply to my previous comment?

  21. opals2 said

    yay i thought i might be in trouble for deleting a comment

    Editors Comment: 😆 No, no.

  22. opals2 said

    can you email me with how to make a pixel penguin and the program used and if not can you make me a pixel penguin?

    Editors Comment: Sure, what clothes?

  23. opals2 said

    ghost outfit and a sword and a rockhopper hat

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