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A Video for one of my Best Friends

Posted by ~Danger Craver on September 4, 2007

Hey guys!

This post is for Little Wolf.

Little Wolf.. I don’t want you to quit..

This is what I have to say:

Dangercraver aka Nice 91 =)


15 Responses to “A Video for one of my Best Friends”

  1. dandeman13 said

    Great video but DC, BIG PROBLEM! My site was hacked AGAIN. I need you to see if you’re still an admin. If so, make me an admin and post this on your site. If your not an admin, post any way! MY SITE WAS HACKED!

    Editors Comment: OH MY GOSH! You got hacked again? Someone really doesn’t like us.. I hope my blog isn’t next =O . No, I am no longer an admin for some reason..

  2. opals2 said

    i want to help dandeman just look at my site

  3. opals2 said

    do you mean video?

    Editors Comment: Yeah.

  4. opals2 said

    chat on my site it is cool not as good as yours

  5. opals2 said

    i will make you an administrator for my site if you make me an administrator for your site

    how about it?

    Editors Comment: I’m sorry, I don’t have any jobs open at the moment.

  6. opals2 said

    ok sorry i was just asking because i am very lonley

    Editors Comment: Well, if you’re lonely we can meet on Club Penguin.. My name is Nice 91 I’m in Frozen, the Dock.

  7. opals2 said

    i am at school it is blocked in australia i cant get on

    Editors Comment: Lol. You’re in SCHOOL and you’re bored? Don’t you have like school work to do lol?

  8. opals2 said

    we have free time and i have no friends to play with so i need you

    Editors Comment: Hmm. It’s night here lol. What grade are you in?

  9. opals2 said

    please please please i need this i need more friends

    Editors Comment: OK, OK. So what grade’re you in?

  10. opals2 said

    5 grade 5

    Editors Comment: Really? Wow. I’m in 7th lol.

  11. opals2 said

    please please please please accept me

    Editors Comment: Accept you for what? Also, did you know all of your comments are going into spam?

  12. opals2 said

    yes i did know that happens on my site and accept me fo an adinistrator job please please i need more online friends

    Editors Comment: OK, I added you as an Author.

  13. opals2 said

    THANKS! i will add you

  14. opals2 said

    i added you

    Editors Comment: Ok.

  15. opals2 said

    school is finished i will try to chat when i get home cya

    Editors Comment: Ok, bye.

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