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Camp Penguin!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on August 24, 2007

Hey guys!

The party has begun!

Be sure to check out the rooms!

There is 1 free item: A Marshmellow on a Stick.


It’s at the Cove.

Have fun at the party!

Dangercraver aka Nice 91


3 Responses to “Camp Penguin!”

  1. watex said


  2. watex said

    yo watex here

    i was wondering how u will get the 7000 coins to me (plz answer this question)?

    also, i can also be ur admin but i probably cant do anything on ur blog since im so busy nowadays.

    i havent decided yet so plz respond by comenting on my blog. i need u to answer the first question first thanks


  3. watex said

    i choose admin. but i cant do anything as admin becuz im too busy.

    hmmm, perhaps give the prize to someone else who wants it a lot?

    or i’ll just be an admin who doesnt do anything lol sry


    Dangercraver: Well.. I’ll add you as an Admin. I can’t give the prize to anyone else because that wouldn’t be fair.

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