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Sled Racing back Open and New Post Cards!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on August 10, 2007

Hey guys!

The Sled Racing tracks are back open!

The slopes seem to be changed.

Try them out!

 Also, there are 2 new post cards!

Here’s some pics:


Here’s what the 2 new post cards look like when you send them:

Fishing Invite:


Hiking Invite:


Dangercraver aka Nice 91


13 Responses to “Sled Racing back Open and New Post Cards!”

  1. Leader Ninja said

    Hey, dangercraver, want to join the ninjas? i will make a picture of you.

    Dangercraver: Sure, I’ll join Xfadeaway

  2. Leader Ninja said

    I can’t make any pictures by my own, so is it okay if i put your pixel penguin?

    Dangercraver: Yes go ahead Xfadeaway.

  3. braxton6 said

    Wnna be on my site just say and i will add you to my site

    Dangercraver: Sure. My email is

  4. Leader Ninja said

    Now, if someone defeats you, then you can heal at the swirl, there is one jewel for you, dangercraver.

    Dangercraver: OK Leader Xfadeaway 😛

  5. Leader Ninja said

    Good! now you are a super ninja since you know how to play the ninjas! training on!

  6. First Ninja said


    Training On! 🙂

    Dangercraver: Xfadeaway, are you the only member of this club?

  7. First Ninja said

    Yes, i own the club, and you are a member, and penguins who are not on the list are guests.

    Dangercraver: OK

  8. Second Ninja said

    Dangercraver, want to chat with the ninjas? if yes, go to for a shortcut there, and then click on ninja dojo, and then enter a comment! if no, then comment “no.” my editor’s comment on this comment.

  9. Third Ninja said

    Okay, Dangercraver, time to select your team! go to to select your team, so we can play the team! (You don’t really have to play it, the teams just fight for you) and see who wins the Ninja Trophy with a ninja penguin on top of the trophy! When a team wins, i will make a picture of it, and then copy and paste it into your blog, without my permission. 🙂

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  11. awesome!

  12. Milioprete said

    u rock!

  13. Rocksta x said

    Go to the free signatures page for the free avvy I made for you for winning the guess the penguin.
    You can copy any of my signatures. Permission granted!

    Editors Comment: Thanks!

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