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Posted by ~Danger Craver on August 5, 2007

Hey guys!

I was inside of the Lighthouse and I saw a GHOST!


I was kinda scared!

Dangercraver aka Nice 91


15 Responses to “Ghost!”

  1. flishface said

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  2. Xfadeaway said


  3. Dudeikoff said

    I couldn’t see it at first but it’s some sort of shadow! That’s weird

  4. princessv said

    hey dangercraver

  5. Xfadeaway said


  6. Xfadeaway said

    Have a question? I’ll answer it! Just another weblog
    Home Main Glitches OTHER GAMING SITES…..FOR FREE! Secret Agents

    Secret Agents
    Friday, July 20th, 2007

    no responses

    To be a secret agent, click on the yellow M at the top of the screen. do the quiz.

    Answers to the quiz: Pick a quality an agent should have. Honest

    Pick a reason to report a penguin to a moderator. Being mean or rude.

    What do you do if you see a penguin do the wrong thing? Report them.

    What type of personal information should be reported? Saying their address.

    Pick one reason why you want to be a secret agent. I want to keep club penguin safe.

    Pick another reason why you want to be a secret agent. I want to help other pengins.\

    Log off and back in again. You should be one.

    Also, you have to be atleast 30 days old. If you aren’t, there’s a time warp cheat.

    1. Make sure Club Penguin is NOT open.

    2. Go to the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Double click the time.

    3.Change the time to the future e.g 2090.

    4. NOW open Club penguin. log in .

    5. You should be able to do the quiz.

    PLEASE NOTE: The time warp cheat only works in how many days old you are. It doesn’t mean you can go to a summer party in the futre or anything like that.


    1. Case of the missing puffles

    Click on the map and go to the ice rink. Walk around and you should see some photos. Put them into your iventory. Go back to Aunt Artics igloo and give them to her.

    Go to the Sports shop. G will say something. ask him if he has any special items.

    G will ask you if you are an agent, prove it. He asks how many pairs of socks he has.

    Go to the pestore. go a little to the left. Pick up the note on the kennel. It will say G has(the numbers of socks changes each time) pairs of socks. And the tick tac toe code is below so you can work it out.

    Go answer it.

    Take the life rafts.

    Go to the ice berg and save the penguins.

    Click on the green one. He will say he saw some puffles.

    Go to the ski mountain.

    Get out your spy phone and click tools. Get out the wrench. put the wrench on the telescope.

    The penguin says that you can look around. When you see the puffles, click done.

    Go to G and get the Mountain gear. Go to the Tallest mountain. Look up.

    Throw the grappling hook up. When you get to the top, the puffles will come. Go back to aunt artic. End the mission. Get all the stuff.

    G’s secret mission

    Click on G. tell him you want to recieve your mission. Click on him again, and then again. he will ask you what the word is. Tell him it is Mogul.

    Get his sled and go to the ski mountain. you will see a run called test run. Do it.

    No matter what happens, you will crash.

    Behind the clump of snow is a rope. get it.

    Go right. WOW!! A SURVIVAL GUIDE!!!

    Click on the bush with berries. Get three and put them in the same box.

    Go forwards again click on the puffles.

    Feed the black one an O berry. he will follow you.

    Go right and click on the log. Go left and get the ski. Put it in the box with the rope. Put an O berry there.

    Go as far left as you can and click on the hills.

    Go back to the place where you found the puffles.

    Go far right and click on the cave. Click on the bushes and go in.

    Click on one of the little rocks.

    Go out and go left. Cick on the river.

    Click on the log and keep it.

    go closer to the river.

    Get out the ski, rope and o berry fishing rod and catch a fish.

    Go left and go back to the o berry bush. Go left. there is a tree with a handle stuck in it. Click the trunk three times.

    Go back to the river and get some water in the pot. Back to the cave.

    Put the wood on the fire, then put the survival guide on the pit with rocks. You rip it up. Go left or right until the puffle is standing on the pit. feed it an O berry. You have a fire! boil the fish and eat it. Boil the water and drink it.

    When you wake up, go outside. Get evrything.

    Note: If you don’t get the fish, you only get a medal.

    Case of the Missing Cins

    1. Go to the guy and he will start talking to you. Ask him if the door was fine when he got here.

    2. Since he forgets the conbination number, go upstairs to the manager’s lounge.

    3. Go right till you see a brown couch. Click underneath it and get the BOOT disc and the paperclip.

    4. Put the BOOT disc in the computer and switch the computer on. You will see different folders. Quite obviously click on the one that says combination number. (Lol If you click on the one that says Ice Bricks you start playing Bricks)

    5. Go downstairs and enter the combination number. The coins are on the roof.

  7. dandeman13 said

    Nice 91 there is a New Mission!!

    Dangercraver: I know! I’m about to post about it!

  8. Xfadeaway said

    Not scary, it’s just a game, if they were real, then i would scream in real life.

  9. I know.. but it’s kinda creepy..

  10. Xfadeaway said

    Oh, i wonder if it’s a ninja penguin………. hm, maybe more news will come in the future.

  11. nappyd said

    LOL!!OHH I SEE!!!


  12. dancedawg013 said

    hey lets all ask aunt artic about it! then there would be more chances of it being in the newspaper!!!

  13. dancedawg013 said

    lets all ask aunt artic about it

  14. Redrat17 said


  15. there is nothig there in the picher

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