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Nice91 is banned forever :(

Posted by ~Danger Craver on August 1, 2007

Hey guys!

Nice91 is banned forever!

I can’t believe it!

I made a new penguin here’s a pic:


So it’s Nice 91 with a space now.

He’ll be a member sometime today.

Bye guys



13 Responses to “Nice91 is banned forever :(”

  1. Dudeikoff (Not Logged In) said

    You’re so lucky! You get to be a member straight away!

    I had to wait months! And I only got a membership for good grades!

    Dangercraver: Atleast you got your membership! That’s a good thing! Plus, since Nice91 was a member, Nice 91 is gonna be one since Nice91’s membership got canceled.

  2. zimboy said

    i got bannded forever but now im now 🙂

  3. zimboy said


  4. Fylliper said


    Does that mean I can delete the original nice91 of my buddy list?


    Dangercraver: Yes.

  5. Juliawood said

    I am Banned forever And i am missing out on clothes and furniture and stuff please does any one no how to get unbanned forever!

  6. Juliawood said

    i am sooo sad 😦

  7. icyo said

    nice91 its ice yoe my penguin got banned for ever i asked them to pleese un bann him i thnk its the computers falt that i got banned thow it was lowding all slow and weird its a goos thang i had a back up penguin his has name is bcpg16 hes not a member well yet he will probely be one tomarrow well thats only if ice yoe doesnt git unbanned well ill talk to you later

  8. teohkay said

    Why is Nice91 banned forever?I am a member straight away when i create my account why is Nice91 banned forver?

  9. icyo said

    go to my site at

  10. coolpup718 said

    Hi. people help me out, my penguin “Coolpup718″ is banned forever and please convince “” to unban me and if they say stuff like “we cannot discuss with you any bans of a penguin that is not yours. You say “but please unban she is very sorry and she will not do it again” come on help me out guys. i cant live without my penguin. please make me happy!

    p.s. people please go to my wordpress. its and i wrote a post so comment!!!
    i need tons of people to help me out to get my penguin coolpup718 unbanned please!!! i begged them and they were mean they said no. so if you know there number or something call them and see if it works!!

  11. Bluestars747 said

    Hi. my penguin ( bluestars747 ) has recently be banned FOREVER ! how did i end up being banned forever? Plz help PLEASE! my email is and plz do not junk mail me. HELP!

  12. if you want ur other penguin to be un banned all you have to do is write to cp and they MIGHT unban u

  13. jane said

    how do u get banned 4 eva

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