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The Storm’s Getting Better

Posted by ~Danger Craver on July 13, 2007

 Hey guys! It looks like the storm has passed.


Click to enlarge.

 Also, if you can’t see some of my pictures, try right-clicking on them and click ‘Show Picture’.



2 Responses to “The Storm’s Getting Better”

  1. dandeman13 said

    I dont really hack things, but this site RULES! I am funny194 on it. I only have 140 points. 😥

  2. dandeman13 said

    Dangercraver. PLEASE!! I am banned forever! You gotta help me. Please contact and ask them to unban me. If I dont get unbanned in like a month I am quitting Club Penguin and my blog. Please post about this and ask for me to get unbanned.
    😥 😥

    Dangercraver: NO! DON”T QUIT!! I already emailed them. I’ll check it right now. I’ll do everything I can.

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