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Summer Party has begun!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on July 13, 2007

Hey guys! The Summer party has started! There is a free item in the Coffee Shop:


Also, instead of throwing snowballs, you can now throw water balloons!


Also, the Mine is blocked! Look:


The Cave is blocked too! Look:


All other entries to the Mine and Cave are blocked too!

Make sure to visit all the rooms! They’re awesome! I hope you guys have fun at the Water Party!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them!



4 Responses to “Summer Party has begun!”

  1. dandeman13 said

    Dangercraver, you can go on Dandeman13, but please let me get the items from now on okay?

    Dangercraver: Ok, sorry about that.

  2. dandeman13 said

    No problem. I didnt really give you any rules or anything though..

  3. dandeman13 said

    and u can change my clothes, but plz dont change mah pin and backround

  4. X42o said

    Your site is very cool!! I lk it 🙂

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