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Sorry Everyone

Posted by ~Danger Craver on July 6, 2007

Hello. I can’t post pictures and stuff becuase my cousin’s computer can’t save them for some reason. I’m so sorry guys. I can still tell you where everything is:

New Pin:

The new pin is in the Dance Lounge by that tree.

Hidden Clothes:

Viking Helmet: Click on Scuba Diving Helmet.

Blue Viking Helmet: Click on the Viking Helmet four times.

Swim Goggles: Click on the Snare Drum Sticks.

Blue Cape: Click on the Flower Basket.

Free Mining Helmets:

There are free mining helmets in the mines.

New Poll:

There is a new poll on the Club Penguin website.

Once again, I’m really sorry 😦

I hope you guys understand.


One Response to “Sorry Everyone”

  1. punkyface said

    hi dangercraver! your pixel penguin is done. im really sorry for the long wait!
    click here to get it:

    – punky face

    visit my other site at

    Dangercraver: Thanks!

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