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Pixel Penguins Downloaded!

Posted by ~Danger Craver on July 2, 2007

Hey guys! My cousin agreed to download pixel penguins on her computer! She even made me one! Here it is:


All orders will proceed!!



49 Responses to “Pixel Penguins Downloaded!”

  1. dandeman13 said

    PLEASE Tell me where you download that program!! Come on, please??
    Dangercraver: For pixel penguins? I can’t tell it here becuase then everyone will have pixel penguins and that won’t be fun. I don’t know how I can tell you. Sorry.

  2. sweetg1996 said

    hey i’ve downloaded pixel penguins but if you put it of do you have to redownload it?

  3. mhdmaster said

    i know how 2 i got da program but im not telling because dangercraver dont wanna so im not telling!!!!

    WADDLE ON!!!

  4. freeman777 said

    dandeman i’ll tell you but don’t tell anyone else whats your email?

  5. ogojoe100 said

    i like ur pixel penguin

    Dangercraver: Thanks!

  6. dandeman13 said

    freeman my email is

  7. opals2 said

    email me and tell me please dangercraver my email is

    please tell me how to get a pixel penguin and what program you use


  8. Graser10 said

    I already know how to make pixel penguins.

    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:
    Head over to Graser10’s Club Penguin Blog © today!

  9. opals2 said

    can you tell me how to make pixel penguins?

    Editors Comment: Sorry Opals.. that’s a secret only I and the Editor and a whole lot of other people know =)

  10. opals2 said

    can you email it to me?

    Editors Comment: Sorry, it’s a secret you have to find out yourself 😆

  11. opals2 said

    i hate this! i am so stressed already and you just made it worse!!!!


    Editors Comment: 😥 I’m sorry.

  12. opals2 said

    please just tell me

    Editors Comment: Ooh, I wish I could =(

  13. opals2 said

    is it

    Editors Comment: Sorry, I can’t tell you.

  14. opals2 said

    (bad word edited by editor) sorry

    Editors Comment: Opals, I don’t tolerate crude words. Don’t do it again or you will be possibly banned from this site forever.

  15. opals2 said


    Editors Comment: 😡

  16. opals2 said

    i am so sorry excuse my language

    Editors Comment: It’s ok, but don’t do it again.

  17. opals2 said

    i am so sorry i am just so stressed sorry sorry sorry

  18. opals2 said


  19. opals2 said

    aww sorry sorry sorry

  20. opals2 said

    please forgive me! i beg you

    Editors Comment: IT’S OK 😆 just don’t do it again.

  21. opals2 said

    ok i promise

    Editors Comment: OK.

  22. opals2 said

    i am just so desprite

  23. opals2 said

    i can’t do anything i am hopeless at everything

    Editors Comment: No you’re not. You have a great site.

  24. opals2 said

    nobody goes to it

    Editors Comment: I do, my editors do, you have like 2,000 hits! That’s 2,000 people! That’s ALOT!

  25. opals2 said

    i am awful and hopeless!

  26. opals2 said

    your not even replying! 😦

    Editors Comment: Sorry, I had to do something.

  27. opals2 said

    ok i am just despite please tell how to get a pixel penguin!

  28. opals2 said

    and i don’t even know who you are editor!

    i just want a pixel penguin!

  29. opals2 said

    😦 aww

  30. opals2 said

    i guess i will have to abandoned this site and find a new one

  31. opals2 said

    and i don’t want to do that all I am asking for is a pixel penguin

  32. opals2 said

    ANSWER ME please

  33. opals2 said


  34. opals2 said

    A REPLY PLEASE! not to sound needy

  35. opals2 said

    hello are you there?

    Editors Comment: Sorry, gotta go!

  36. opals2 said

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? awwwwww

  37. opals2 said


  38. opals2 said


    Editors Comment: Please do not yell. I tried and apparently, it hasn’t worked.

  39. opals2 said

    i wonder why? and sorry for yelling

    Editors Comment: S’okay.

  40. lvelve said

    i am also opals2 try adding me and i will try to add me as opals2

    Editors Comment: I tried, did it work?

  41. lvelve said

    no dose not work


  42. opals2 said

    try it now

  43. opals2 said

    i changed my email address so it’s again
    sorry it had changed and my site has been hacked!

  44. opals2 said

    hello?!?!?!?!? are you there?!?!?

  45. opals2 said

    an answer please

  46. opals2 said

    my comments… in spam…???

  47. opals2 said


  48. bronze41 said

    plz tell me

  49. paintboy1905 said

    how do you make a dream penguin i downloadedpixel penguins now how do you get it on club penguin

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