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Posted by ~Danger Craver on June 28, 2007

Hey guys! Clouds are rolling in around Club Penguin. Billybob said it’s something massive. Hmm. Well, it sure looks like a giant storm. Look through the binoculars at the Cove to see the dark clouds. I’m going for a week tommorow and won’t be able to post. But you can go to my friends’ websites and See ya guys in a week or so!



2 Responses to “Storm”

  1. yankeeez said


    can i have a page or do i hav to be famous?

    Thanks and I don’t catch your meaning.

  2. Oh, now I get what you’re saying. The reason I have Flowery Guy, Holagurrl25, and Paintboy100 pages is becuase they three inspired me to make my own blog. So I’ve dedicated three pages to them. Hope this helped!


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