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Last little post

Posted by ~Danger Craver on June 28, 2007

Hey guys! I’m about to leave so I’m sqeezing in one last post. Look at the dance club in mammoth! It was packed! Here’s pic click to enlarge:


Hope you enjoy thing while I’m gone! You can still post orders for pixel penguins. I’ll get them done when I come back. See ya guyz later!


4 Responses to “Last little post”

  1. zammy67 said

    im in picture :mrgreen:

  2. dandeman13 said

    Dangercraver, I thank you for that offer about taking care of my site, but no thanks.

    Dangercraver: No Problem! Anytime.

  3. ed324 said

    yo i got a cool site add me to your blog roll and ill add you


  4. mzrgblfce qxdiz rjietnbp wcfnxqejr xguvtqod lafitz oshcvm

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